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Jr Racing equipment

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I am having trouble finding out what a new J4 jr tri-state racer needs in terms of skis. It's my 12 yr old's first year in tri-state racing. Does he need SL and GS skis? And some people say, because he's young to just get him a "middle of the road" ski. However, this is a kid who has beautiful technique and is ready to go to the next level. How do I find out what is appropriate? My son is 5' tall, about 80lbs. Rossis, Atomic, Fischer???? I would like to look for a last year's model online but would appreciate any direction on recommended models.
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What does tri-state jr mean? I assume it's USSA. Just not familiar with that term.

There has been several similiar discussions on epic recently, particularly for ski recommendations. Please take a glance there.

In a nut shell, it all depends on how serious he is about the sport, his agressiveness, his skill level, his size/weight and your budget. How about some additional info?

For a 12yo, he'll be a second J4. So, you can definitely go the big expense route and look into buying race stocks for individual events. (i.e. SL and GS) Or, if he is more timid or if you don't want to spend the big money for the first year of racing, a longer dual-event (or even SL) can also work. As a racer, you probably don't want to go with anything softer than a middle of the line carver and nothing fatter than a race-cross type of skis (e.g. SX).
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Have you asked his coach? That is really the person to steer your equipment purchases.

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