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skis for daughter

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Hi I am a long time reader first time poster

I am trying to find skis for my daughter. We have to order them online due to our location at the moment so I can't visit a shop for advice.
Age- 15
Height- 61 inches
Weight-85 pounds
boot- 23.5

She races on her high school team (3x a week) and also skis recreationally on weekends. We ski Belleayre and gore. High school skis small local mountain.
Any advice on length and brand would be appreciated. This is our first year not doing a season rental. Thanks so much.
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If she races on her team, maybe talk to her coach?

At 61", she's about 155cm tall. I'd look at 146cm K2s, longer for other brands. But we ski in the west, and easterners may disagree.

How price sensitive are you? Evogear Outlet has some good (<$100) deals on 2003-05 K2 junior race skis, all with wood cores. TTBOMK, the technology and build in current vintages of K2's junior race skis have not changed dramatically -- only the graphics have.
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