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It's snowing! It's snowing!

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Since two hours, and after 24 hrs of rain, my little village ( at 270 mt a.s.l.) is under a snowfall, the second this season.
The snow has started to "stay", instead of melting.
Hope the roads will be clean tomorrow, it's my kid first race (the end-of-school race, nothing spectacular) at the "local" hill (37 km away). I do hope they'll have fun, that's the reason I carefully avoided touching the subject this week, don't want to put pressure on them, after all they're kids!
They ought ti enjoy the activity rather than to worry about winnig.
My little one was very worried about having to race, to the point the he didn't want to go to school, then he started to enjoy the 2 hrs lessons (each saturday afternoon for 5 saturdays) and forgot about the race. Don't know how it is in other countries, but end-of-course race it's part of the package here (for groups, at least)...
I pray not to become one of those father obsessed with the idea of making a champion out of their kids.
Nevertheless, it's a joy to see everything on its way to become white!
OH well, just rambling...
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You go right on and ramble M@tteo.

Glad you're getting some snow. Here's hoping it turns into an extended ski season for you!
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Hope the little one has good luck and lots of fun!
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Thank you, ladies!
my wife is asking why oh why do I grin like an idiot, when everything outside is muddy from the snowfall!
Nothing, I repeat, nothing lift my spirit as
a snowfall, even here at this low altitude!
I do not care if I have to exert extra attention while driving, walking, dress accordingly, spirit's up!
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They have postponed the event to next saturday, because is has fallen too much snow and the road is CLOSED!!!!!
37 bloody km and the road is closed!!!
This is a clear example of "troppa grazia S. Antonio" (too much of a miracle, St. Anthony)
as an old saying goes.
I can't beleive that!
This must be a nightmare, I am dreaming and in a while I'll wake up!!!
Seriously, this has been so far the worst year ever of my skiing life, this is the second time we had to give up a planned day on the slopes...because of the bad weather!
Not to mention the week in the Dolomites I had to give up for other reasons...
Someone please wake me up!
Maybe I'll have to plan a trip to Lourdes...
For now I'm going into my room and weep.
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Looks like you should have a good week for snow (it the forcasts are correct) ....

After spending most of my life in the rain capital of europe (Manchester, UK) for the first time in my life I look forward to colder weather and rain because it means snow on the hill.

Keep on grinning and good luck for your youngsters race.

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Yesterday we eventually wnet up for the last lessons of the cycle (5 saturdays afternoon, 2 hrs each). The kids have been enthusiastic, so far.
Also, the fact that the instructor was a guy in his mid 20, and obviously prepared to work with kids has done wonders. Ta Marco!
Clear blue ski, nice snow, temperature ok, all this has contributed to make a real nice day for us.
As for the race, the kids won (1st and 2nd in their category), I'm astounded.
I stressed the fun aspect, whenever talking to them about "the race", even if I tryed to avoid bringing up the subject myself (their first ever and to set things straight, very simple, a gs like trace consisting of 10-12 gates, set on a flat slope but, hey, they are beginners).
And the instructor did it too,given that almost everybody was giving sign of being worried...
On the down side:
-45 minutes queuing at the gondola (there is no piste bringing to the valley, forcing everybody to come up and go down with the gondola)
-while queuing at the main chairlift, overheard a "local" saying that the company
owing and operating the lifts was menacing to close down, since they posted a loss of
1.2BN (2.3M Euro) lire last year (which was a good one)and have a forecast of lossess for this year (which has been dramatically bad, as for every other area here in N.Italy)of about 2BN lire (3.8M Euro), unless the Region (Lombardy) would come up with some help. And this is a small resort!

If the resort will indeed close, that would mean:
-next closer resorts are at around 70 km (longer commute, increased costs)
-All hotels and restaurants and rental shops of the area out of business...

I hope it will not happen.
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