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one ski quive Help finding

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So I've been doing research for over a year now and unfortunately every place i demoed last year did not have the skis I wanted to try. So i'm gonna leave it up to all of you to help me decide

About me:
21 years of age, 5'6", 145 lbs, very active off season (1 hour of weights and 1 hour of aerobic exercise 4 days a week).

Been skiing since I was 3, basically grew up on Vail mountain until I was five, then moved out to California. After 5 years of age, i was only able to get in about 2 weeks out of the year until the age of 14. I had a brief hiatus w/ skiing due to a bad incident with snow boarders at Big Bear mountain. I've picked it up again in the last 2 years and i got in about 20 days worth last year (not bad for a full time college student who lives on the coast). So in terms of experience take that as you see fit.

But I've determined that i need a new set of skis.

My Terrain: Most ski time is spent in December in CO area. A couple days in late winter are spent in California. Never any East Coast skiing.

Skis I'm Considering
Volkl AC50
Fischer Cold Heat
Head IM78
Blizzard 8.1

What I'm looking for:
Obviously an all around good ski, and a ski that has energy (I tried a pair of K2 reacons last year and although i liked the grip they had, i felt they lacked some serious energy, no fun in my opinion). Depending on my mood i go from short to long radius turns, but most of the time i would say i stay in the medium range. Also, i'm looking for a ski that's decent in moguls, i'm looking to step up my mogul game this year

Due to my height, I'm concerned with the length and width of the above skis, should i go for a smaller waist ski?

Any suggestions / comments would be greatly appreciated
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think big waist (high 80's or 90's ) for a 1 ski quiver west coast ski - the fischer & Head are too small (don't know the waist of the others off the top of my head).

Define "energy" - a wider ski will be a little slower edge to edge when carving, but waist width does not define "pop" of the ski ie your ability to load it up and release during short radius turns.

A more aggressive sidecut (12 -15m, vs 20+) will help create quicker turn initiation.

My powder skis are Icelantic Shamans - 110mm underfoot with a 15m sidecut. It is a little different motion to edge them during a carved turn on harder snow vs. my 66mm Slalom skis (you almost have to lift the outside edge up vs. drive the inside edge down). But if you are doing a skid or a smear short radius they will still "pop".
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I agree that you probably want to look at a wider waist rather than skinnier. You mention moguls but what about powder? Personally, I'd look at the Volkl Auras, Head Sweet Ones or Wild Ones, K2 Burning Luvs, Volkl Auroras are getting great reviews as well but are new this year.

Length is something that is somewhat personal. I'm 5'5" but am heavier than you. My groomer ski is a 163 with my powder (Sweet Fat Thangs the predecessor to the Sweet Ones) are 177s although that might be a tad long.
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I agree - most folks would go wider, but it's unclear to me if you stick to the groomed or not. Your height and weight don't really mean you need a narrower ski, just a softer flexing one. Maybe fisher watea or dynastar mythic rider? On the other hand, you'll float better on a narrower ski than someone heavier than you (at the same length and speed...) so what terrain do you like?
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I mostly do on-piste skiing but occasionaly do off-piste. Ill ski off-piste but i'm not one of those go find it and search it kind of people. I usually ski the front side of the mountain, not a huge back bowl fan but i do get back there. And what I really like is steep. But as far terrain, thats the best I can decribe.
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well in that case, a high 70 mm waist ski will probably work pretty well for you (but i still think most folks would go a little fatter). I'm a lighter guy also, and i think it's hard to get some of the advanced level skis to flex for you at reasonable speeds - so the heads for instance might be too stiff, especially if you do find some fresh snow. Maybe fisher watea 78s in a mid 170 length?
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I'm 5'6" 125lbs and use the 163cm Salomon X-Wing Fury as my everyday ski up Snoqualmie/Alpental WA.

It's similar in dimensions to the AC50s but softer. For my weight, the Fury is basically a powder ski that can rip the groomer, the closest thing to a 50/50 in my book.

The only downside to the Fury is their lack of grip on boiler plate conditions.
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