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Be as skeptical as you like but you are fundamentally incorrect. Keep in mind however, that I am not talking about 100's of random shops, I am talking about doing it right. I am talking about shops that know what files and file guides are and what sequential polishing is about. Done properly, edge prep is the same process at the world cup as it is for good rec. skiers. The difference is in degree and agressiveness.

The best skis on the market (insert your favorite name) are not shaped accurately. Some are better/more accurate than others, but none are as good as they can be.

Ironically, the skier that benefits the most is probaly the L 5-8 skier that skis primarily on packed or mixed surfaces. For those skiers the ease of initiation combined with great edge bite is something they may not have experienced. I ski on skis out of the wrapper all the time. They are invariably (wellll....95% anyhow) improved by proper set up. Almost anyone can feel it.

For one such as yourself, that skis almost exclusively on bent skis in deepish snow, this is a 95% non issue. For the vast majority of skiers, it is an issue. It is one of of varying degree to be sure. But it's absolutely an issue.