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I just wanted to say hello. I'm a Colorado skier, mostly Summit County, and I live in Denver. I've lurked on this forum a little bit last season and it seems like you are a nice bunch of skiers.

Hope I'll get to meet some of you and maybe do some runs too!
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ryan may be at a loss for words, but he's never at a loss for pictures.

I wonder if he could go a whole week without typing a word .... and just "say it" with a cut & paste? :
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Always like to welcome a fellow lurker!!!

It took me about a year to announce myself on the forum too!!

cheeky j
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Hi TigerKatze69, welcome. Hope its not as smokey where you are. I too live in Denver and head to Summit most weekends. Hopefully we will have a Colorado Bears meeting again this winter.
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Thank you so much for the warm welcome. If any of you that are not from Colorado come out this winter, I would love to meet you and show you my favorite runs. And see yours too, of course.

Hi Kima! I live in the southeast area so we haven't had it too bad, but I drove right into a lot of smoke this morning!

I ski every weekend when the chairs are running, so you can just let me know whenever you want to get together. For black runs I like to ski, but I did 8 days last year on a snowboard and it's pretty fun to cruise on the blue runs with the lunch tray, lol.

I have always had my pass at Vail Resorts, but this year the DH and I are talking seriously about Winter Park. We love our Vail days too. Vail and Winter Park get more snow than some other areas, don't they? Anyway, we don't have our pass yet, so I'm not sure what we'll do, but we always go to every ski area anyway.

Thanks again for the kind welcome!
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Originally posted by TigerKatze69:

Thanks again for the kind welcome!
Are you a beautiful single voman? Ve could use some more over at

Hasta La Vista, Baby


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Hello again, we will have to meet up if you get the Vail Pass. We already bought ours. There was a rumor going on that Keystone may have black out dates on the passes sold in the fall so rather than risk it we went ahead. Love those Vail days too.

Been working on my mtn bike skills, If you ever go up for some riding send me a PM. We often get together with Bong, another Colorado Bear, and his girlfriend for a ride and a beer. [img]smile.gif[/img] With the exception of my husband we are all pretty slow. Get Bong and GF on a road bike and its a whole different story, they ALL leave me in the dust.
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Sorry Arnold, I am married.

Ok, Kima, I've been doing some biking at the gym. I don't have a bike, but I know they rent them up in the mountains. I would love to spend a day at Vail after the fourth of July. I'll PM you when the time comes - assuming I can figure out how to PM, that is.
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Hey tiger,

PM is a personal mesage.

Just click on the 'PM' sign in one of Kima's replies and it will send an email to her without disclosing either of your email addresses.

cheeky j
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Welcome to EpicSki, TigerKatz! Yes--good company--stick around. You'll run into lots of Summit County Bears here and on the slopes.

Best regards,
Bob Barnes
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TigerKatz, I would say hi, but I am in an Ogreish mood today (my son calls me Shrek, and it fits, drat it all). Oh, what the hell, I'll share my swamp, but only this once.

Maybe the kids have been watching too much Shrek!!! Ok, Maybe I have been watching too much Shrek!

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Hola Tiger, me llamo 9.12 skier. yo estoy muy simpatico.
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Welcome, sir!
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Hi Tiger,
Or is it Tigger?

Welcome on the board.

May I apologise now for never posting relevant, or on topic posts.

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Hello everyone! You guys are so nice!

Bob Barnes, I know you! You gave a lesson to one of my friends at Keystone. He was so much better in the bumps after that! I went into a more advanced class, but I really wish I had done the basics with you that day.

Anyway, then you went to Copper Mountain to be the boss of all the teachers there, right? I got your book from you, a signed copy. Maybe you remember the round of emails that we did, maybe not.

What are you doing now? Are you still at Copper? I'm still pretty much rotten at the bumps stylewise, but I can ski down anything! And it's always fun.
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Originally posted by TigerKatze69:
Sorry Arnold, I am married.

That's OK...bring him along. Arnie is mutifaceted.
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Welcome, TigerKatze69!

Remember: Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain! (Wizard of Oz ripoff)

Will we be seeing you in Utah, perhaps?
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Hey Arnold, ever wonder why you guys at powder are always looking for chicks. Think about it.
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Nice knockout shot! : Better check Arnies pulse, though, I could hear his head smack on the concrete from here!! :
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I have to put in my 2 cents even though I live in Oklahoma, yes it IS the seventh ring of hell. Well I've been skiing a few times, I'm decent, I can go down my blacks.....maybe not with the snow-melting speed of the other old-timers (I say that in a kind way of course, b/c you could out-ski my sorry ass) but I can hold on own. Well I've been to BC and Winter Park....I read about skiing, practice on dry land, and dream about skiing night and day. Well from everything I read, apearently A-basin is number 1 : But my money would be on Berthound Pass or WP. I drove past BP on the way to WP and it looked friggin' awesome! but if you want lots of snow, great people, not a lot of fur and diamonds and a lot of great skiiers.....find your way to Winter Park most definately. If you ever have room for an extra body, please yell at me! lol I would move in a heartbeat. I think that goes for anybody that's within' a bus's route to a resort.
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Welcome Tiger (even if a little bit late)

Oh, btw , we're not jealous.
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