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Early lessons

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Any suggestions on first time lessons for my wife. We'll be in summit co area Nov 19 - 23. I figure snow will be a gamble, but after 24 years of marriage she wants to learn.
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That time of the season, all the local mountains (Copper, Keystone, Breck) usually have similar, somewhat-limited beginner terrain available. It should be perfectly adequate, however. If you were coming after mid-December, I'd lean toward Copper because, after that time, the Union Creek base area will be open and it's several miles of gentle, wide, user-friendly beginner groomers, segregated from the more-challenging parts of the resort.

She would be best-served in an all-day beginner group lesson, ideally followed by another day or two of all-day lessons (around $90 per day, or around $125 with equipment rental) to set her newly introduced skills into her muscle memory and build her confidence. Another alternative might be half-day privates. Ask if there is a discounted Beginner Lift Ticket. No reason to pay more for a ticket to access terrain she won't be using. Most of the mountains will let her continue with her first-day's instructor if she felt she connected well with him/her. You are wise not to try to teach her yourself. Divorce courts are filled with people who do so. Relationships bring a whole set of distracting emotions into play when one partner tries to teach the other.

Good luck!
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I wasn't aware of limited beginner terrain early. I will be at copper a few times this year and I agree lots of learning space. It took me a long time to convince her that one day of me teaching could ruin 24 years of marriage.
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