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Holiday Vacation

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Does anyone know of any resorts in the WEST offering holiday ski deals from around 12/18 through Christmas? Please HELP! I just want to ski w/ my dad; we are not looking for any fancy hotels, just some good snow and a decent price (like everyone else).
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There are a few ski packages mentioned in last Sunday's NYT article about holiday deals, but they focus on luxury hotels (which are being hit hardest in this economy).


Christmas is the time when not only are there not usually deals, but prices are jacked up 2-3 times what they are normally. Is there any chance you could postpone until after the New Year? That's when you'll be able to find air AND hotel deals.

Or what about staying near SLC and skiing one of the nearby resorts? There are plenty of threads here about doing that, and those shouldn't be outrageous during the holidays (I could be wrong but it's something to check out).
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Unfortunately, that is the only time that we can go; typically, we plan for a post new years trip like you recommended, but with school and work this is the best we could do. The SLC idea is what I actually began to look into, but not through the ALTA website, although 3 years ago, I found a great deal; stay in Sandy @ a Super 8 and catch the shuttle up.

We wanted to try steamboat, since so many have said that the snow is really nice early in the season, and flights from Newark are direct there as well. Through expedia, for 7 days including 5 day lift tickets, flight, and 7 night Holiday Inn hotel it came out to $2,400 for 2. I have yet to price out SLC, but I'd imagine it would be about $400-600 cheaper, which would be nice; either way that is quite a chunk.

Thanks for the NYT suggestion Christy
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