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Question on ski comparison

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I am looking at a few options for used, inexpensive skis. The first is the Salomon Crossmax 700 and then the K2 Four. I am intermediate to advanced and will be skiing mostly in the east. I really dont know much about either ski, especially the Four. Can anyone enlighten me?
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How old are those K2's that can be a pretty ancient ski.
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Originally Posted by Yuki View Post
How old are those K2's that can be a pretty ancient ski.
The Fours are the same as these. Dont know the year. http://cgi.ebay.com/K2-skis-Four-R-1...1%7C240%3A1318
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They are the same as in the link below. I dont know the year.

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I just realized that the Four I was looking at is the Four R and is a beginner ski. Ill rule that one out.

So, what is everyones opinion on the crossmax 700?
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where are you looking at these skis?
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Mostly on ebay. Pretty much just looking to find a low cost solution to my needs. I was also looking at a place called galactic snow sports.
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Galactic kicks butt for getting fairly reasonable cheap skis...I bought some Fischer XTR Sceneo's and the condition was very good. I got tired of renting skis. My wife bought some Volkl V1 20 20's . Go Galactic...They have a return policy.
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What Size ski Are you?
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Im looking around 175-180.
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What do you think of the Fischers?
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The Fischers turned out really nice so far. They will edge and wax them for you etc. Like I said...they are every bit as good as you would get renting. And as much as it costs to rent skis these days, it pays for itself really quickly. I got the Sceneo's in 165.
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Hmmm...Ill have to take a look at the Fischers and Volkls. Thanks so much for your replies!
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No problem
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By the way, still looking for info on the Crossmax 700 if anyone has any. Seems hard to find for some reason.
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Here is a review from this site.


I believe it is a Womans Ski if I am not mistaken
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I sure hope not....I just bought a pair. The guy at the shop I bought them from said they were a mens ski. The strange thing is I see some with 07 on the tail and some with 700 on the tail. They are all advertised as crossmax 700s.
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Hello tands05,
I just bought a pair of the Fischer XTR Sceneo 165cm from Galactic as well. This is my first pair of skis I am going to own. Looking forward to these arriving next week. I am slowly creeping towards being an intermediate, more like an early intermediate skier. So, hopefully the Fischer won't be overwhelming.
Galatic has a rating system for the quality of the base and the binding. Mine showed 3. What was yours?
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K2 Fours

I've been skiing on K2 Four Classics (177 cm) for close to 10 years and I have been very satisfied. For most of those years, I skied a lot of icy groomers at smaller places on the east coast and they were an ideal ski. Over the past few years I've taken these skis out west to Vail, Breckinridge and Tahoe, where they have surprisingly preformed pretty well. They're not great in powder, but they get the job done. Overall, a very good all-mountain ski that is forgiving, but not one you'll be able to go crazy on in terms of carving since they are more or less straight.

After all these years though, I'm finally looking to upgrade. You can buy mine if you want
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anyone know why there are so many 'used' K2 Four Classics selling on line...is this the choice for all ski rentals?
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I bought the Fischer XTR Sceneo 175cm from Galactic last Feb 2008 as well and I do not see any problems.  Since I am sort of a beginner, I do not see any difference between these Fishers and the rented skis at Whitetail, PA or Timberline, WV.  They have paid for themselves already in what it would cost to rent.  I believe mine was a 3 rating as well.  They are probably from the same stock or previous ski area.  Galactic sells boots real cheap at the end of the season, but I have not bought them there as I do not know how they will fit.  I am merely a customer of Galactic and do not have other business connections with them.

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