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Howmuch Do Backpacks Change Your Balance?

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With regards to being “balanced” in your boots; I’ve read that as long as you don’t change anything with your boots, you don’t have to get rebalanced. I do think that if you change anything that effects what is happening above your boot cuffs significantly, you might need to rebalance.

This might be obvious to others but after I read all the articles and posts about this, it made me believe I understand an issue I had skiing last year.

I was using my T30’s (beginner/intermediate) 158cm. Then I was 5’7” and 170lbs. The issue I had was when I was practicing for my pilgrimage up Tuckerman’s Ravine and was skinning up the side of a long hill at a local slope. I was using my T30’s instead of the Metron’s because I was trying out my new Trekkers.

When I decided I had gone far enough uphill (i.e. I’ve sweated out enough beer and need to replenish), I changed my gear over to alpine skiing and put my backpack with about 25 lbs in it back on and went to ski down. I immediately noticed that I was having a hard time holding an edge and had to slow down to stay in control. I blamed it on the extra weight and the skis being soft. I reasoned this out that a larger person would be in longer skis so it seemed good enough an answer to me. I left it at that and didn’t think about it until I did all this reading that Lou R assigned me.

I believe the real answer is that using the BOF method and finding the center of the contact surface area “for me”, the T30’s are possibly as much as 3cm too far back. Even if I was balanced prior to the above event, I added 25lbs in a backpack which would have to change my balance point.

So does it make sense that if you ski with and without a backpack, you would probably have more than one balance point?

My example would be that you use a Campbell Balancer and you end up needing to move your bindings 2 cm forward. Put on a 25 lb backpack and now you need to mover your binding (and/or change your forward lean?) even further forward?

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'Loads' is the answer to the thread title.
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Thanks. So I guess the thing for me to consider, is being balanced with and without a pack and if possible, having a set of skis set up for each set up. I don't like the idea of constantly changing the bindings back and forth and I think a 30 lb pack would move you to a point that you would have to remount the bindings.
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also different skis will have differnt flexs, at different points on the ski


many variables......

if you are on tuckermans, maybe drinking more will help...
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It wouldn't have hurt! That's where I tore my acl and mcl.
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