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Boot for 13 yr old daughter

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My 13 year-old daughter is 5' 1", ~100 lbs with a 24.5 foot. She is a strong skier and I'm wondering if she is ready for a woman's boot or if it would be better to keep her in a jr boot for a couple more years for the lower cuff height? I'm leaning toward the latter, and wonder if the Lange World Cup 100 Team would be a good choice for a strong recreational skier?

Thanks for any advice...........
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If your daughter is in a race program I would certainly ask her coach. Otherwise I would advise that most of the kids I work with around her age are skiing race boots in the 90 flex range.

I certainly would not move from a jr race boot to a woman's boot as many of them (not all) are wider and less substantial boots I would say than a jr race boot.

They do however have nice fur that will make your daughter a better skier.

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Thanks Lou. She's not a racer, just a strong recreational skier. She skis everything from moguls, to trees, to steeps. She's been skiing in a hand-me-down pair of Rossi Comp Jr from 6 or 7 years ago (yellow and black ones). I have no idea what the flex rating is, and I'm just trying to locate the right boot for her on a limited budget. I can get a good buy on the Lange world comp 100 team (a jr racing boot) and the Rossi Bandit 2w (a woman's freeride boot) and not sure which is more apporpriate for her size and strength.

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I don't sell Rossi boots and can't find anything about the boot on the internet. Fit is the first thing on the importance list. Are the boots the same last? Is one wider than the other. Which is appropriate for you daughter?

I would worry about fit first, then watch her flex the boot you select.

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as the parent of a strong 12 y/o girl.

1) the boot has to fit. Buying a growth fit is great for young recreational skiers. But since she is strong and likely will be getting stronger, a proper fit is essential. It realize that skiing is an expensive sport, but some things just need to be purchased every year. Believe me- I'm the father of four & I'm going through a whole new round of boot purchases right now. $$$OUCH!

2) She has to be able to flex the boot appropriately for the style of skiing she'll be wanting to excel at. Last year was the tipping scale for my daughter. She would out flex many of the Jr. boots but couldn't flex a woman's boot. We eventually found a woman's Rossi boot- NOS (new, old stock) that fit her great and had a decent flex.

3) As mentioned above is there a coach or bootfitter that can access a fit or boot?

Where do you normally ski and how many days a year does she ski?
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Thanks for the replies. The Rossi I mentioned is the Elite Bandit 2W (NOS ~2006) (http://www.appoutdoors.com/rossignol...5712_p9163.htm), although that's not where I would be buying it. The flex rating is 75/65, but I'm not sure what the dual rating means. I can't find anything about the flex rating of the Lange WC 100 Team, but I'm concerned that a racing boot might be too stiff.

We're in VT, and ski mostly at Mad River and Sugarbush. I'd say she skis between 20 and 30 days/year.
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that lange should be ok

you can always make a stiff boot softer, and most langes just remove the back 2 screws on the boots spine and it softens up 20+%. if you like it great, if not screw em back in.
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As mtnlion said boots can be made softer. And calling a boot a racing boot does not in any way describe flex. There are racing boots made to 70 flex and kids the size of your daughter would have no problem flexing even crushing them.

Don't focus on the race boot conotation and instead determine how she can flex the boot. The Team 100 will certainly have a better performance fit and will in fact ski better all around.
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