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Gnu boards

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I was shopping with a young girl this weekend in the hopes of finding her a new snowboard. She is in her second year, and is advancing quickly, as she wakeboards all summer, enhancing her skill.
She found a gnu board, with posi-traction, which seems to have a nice flex and most important to the girl, cute graphix. Anyone have info on this board, other than its made in the US and connected to Roxy some how?
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Reminds me of a childhood song we used to sing.

"I'm a gnu, a gnother gnu." (pronouncing all the "g's" of course.)
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They used to be related, somehow, to Lib Tech
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Originally Posted by skier_j View Post
They used to be related, somehow, to Lib Tech
Still are, from what I understand, and still made in the USA, near the Canada border.

Wanna hear a funny:
The Doooood at the shop who sold us the board said that he skis on Burton(this shop sells a lot of burton). He got a board from them this year, .............they sent him one of the playmate boards.
He said "the board itself has a great flex pattern and is well built. "

Enter yuki with a comment
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Lib Tech and Gnu are both Mervin manufacturing.

Good boards.

Magne traction just lengthens the edge contact of the board through little bumps on the edge profile.

I'd like to get a lib tech banana hammock and split it. Or have this guy split it.

from his site

Looks like great work, and an inside edge
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My first thought was ...
.. must be Open Source!
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Thanks Splitter.
This is the one she got
http://www.backcountry.com/store/GNU...4&mv_pc =r126
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I have a GNU Carbon High Beam. I really don't know much about snowboards. I had a friend pick it out. It seems like a good board.

I was the only one to link turns at a 'free' lesson at Winterplace 3 years ago...if that means anything.
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