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You gotta love a satellite shot that looks like this:

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Sure. Tell me when it's further to the right. And not rain.
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what is rain?

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Originally posted by oboe:
Sure. Tell me when it's further to the right. And not rain.
Well, it's now further to the right and it sure ain't the r-word here in Jackson Hole. Another 8" overnight with a heavy snow warning for today and tonight.

We've had 191" total snowfall for the season so far, and it looks like we'll pass 200" before 2004 even gets here.

The skiing is now in the "out of this world" category. I've already made far more untracked powder turns this season than I did all of last season.

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Stowe has had over 170". However, in Vermont, there's also been some rain. For what it's worth, the conditions on the groomed this weekend - even at the end of the weekend - were as good as it gets. However, off piste - which was pretty good last weekend - have obviously deteriorated. It's still a great start for the east.

I am, of course, delighted to anticipate terrific conditions for the Jackson Hole EpicSki gathering at the end of January.
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we are even snow down under on the mountain tops and it is supposed to be summer. Treble Cone was is opening for 3 weeks for biking and hiking but had to delay opening a day because of snow :

they had snow down to the base lodge. It melted quick because the next day the temperatures were back up again. The snow caught a few trampers out as well. hesubsection=general&thesecondsubsection=

JH is looking good for my first ever visit next year.
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What 92" of snow skis like (since Christmas at Bridger Bowl).
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Nolo, you lucky girl!!!
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I am snowed in. I am vicariously enjoying the skiing by downloading pictures from the Bridger Bowl website.

Today we can plow out the road. Tomorrow we ski!
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Right back at you...

Alta's had 73" in 7 days. Not too shabby....

Nothing like snowflakes for breakfast! (However, I'm stuck at my "summer job" today. ) I'll be out Thursday-Sunday. the snow report said last night 4-8 every 12 hours through Saturday. Bring it on !!!!
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Things are getting pretty dire at Bridger. As you can see we are having to revert to skiing crud.

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Keep it up, and I will strangle you all at the gathering. :
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I love the daily videos. I wish more ski areas would post video footage, it really gives you a good idea what conditions are like.

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zooloo pretty much got the drive-by of the 2d wave of this storm, we caught only about 10-12" ... guess I'll be headed to Bridger this weekend!
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Just a little report on the skiing today at JH...

I got to act as tail-guide for a party of good skiers today. Dave Miller, who has guided here for 17 years and was a Valdez Heli-Guide for over ten years, was the primary guide. I guided here for six winters before Dave started. I tell you all this to add a little emphasis to how good the day was. Dave and I agreed that today was in our Top-Five-Days-Ever. That takes in an awful lot of good days of skiing.

The snow report said 16" of new overnight, with nearly five feet in the last six days. We skied thigh-to-waist deep snow all over the mountain.

Here's the only shot that I could get, because they wouldn't slow down long enough to let me set up a photo. The photo sucks, but you may get a feel for what the snow was like. Alberto is 6'1".

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sick! sick! Go Montana! Go Jackson! I've got three feet of snow on my roof and may soon have to dig out my mailbox! :
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I skied at The Canyons today for a couple of hours before going to work; let's just say that a snorkel would not have been out of place.

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Friends, if you don't stop posting pictures I'll have a stroke. [img]smile.gif[/img] (isn't there a drooling-all-over-the-place smiley around?)
Nolo, is it possible to use snowmobiles in your area?
I know of a colleague up in Sweden that in a couple of occasions had to use one to go visit his customers during winter...

Gute rutsche ins neues Jahr. (Have a good entry into the New Year)

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Geezze Bob,

It looks like that again! The weather here is calling for snow everyday through Sunday. Good start so far. Tell Ruth we said hello. Let us know if you get back this way. Laure has a Chairs pass for the bird (but I think a daily tram upgrade is pretty cheap).

Take Care,

PS Skiing with us doesn't rank in your top five???

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See the hole in that doughnut of moisture on the satellite picture? That would be Colorado. Gives new meaning to being a dry state! I guess Vail and the Beav are getting some snow, but nothing like ya'll are getting. Go rip some for me!

Happy New Year, ya'll!
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No Colorado drought here:
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Some years it's just nice to live in the Western US.....

Some of the pics in this thread really capture the great season we're having.....

You can never have "too" much pow.
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A 34 year old man died at Bridger on Sunday and wasn't found until Tuesday night, transceiver still beeping his whereabouts on a popular lift-served run. No one knew he was missing until friends spotted his car in the parking lot Tuesday afternoon and put two and two together.

Skiers were prominently and persistently advised to ski with a buddy, but for one reason or another, this fellow didn't have a buddy to dig him out when he tipped over. He was reportedly an expert skier and local.

This is the first death at Bridger in eons. I hope I haven't cast a pall over the rejoicing about the recent heavenly manna. Bring it on, and bring a buddy.

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Save some for us!

I'm just back from Chamonix (thin base although a couple of dumps kept us going) but these pictures have just got me totally hyped up again.

We're hitting Jackson on the 5th Feb. Then Utah on the 10th Feb. If any of you locals would care to show four reasonable skiers around we'd make sure a beer or two came your way.
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Originally posted by freshtracks:

We're hitting Jackson on the 5th Feb. Then Utah on the 10th Feb. If any of you locals would care to show four reasonable skiers around we'd make sure a beer or two came your way.

I'll be here. PM me as we get closer to your arrival. I'd be more than happy (especially for beer) to spend some time showing you around the hill.

Speaking of which, 20" new this morning, wind is howling, avi bombs and guns are making it impossible to sleep. I'm on my way out the door for more powder.

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Skied on a full on wind storm yesterday. 30-40 mph sustained winds with 60-80 mph gusts on the upper mtn. It's dumpng right now at our house, I can't imigane what's happening up at the resort. Needless to day the Avie danger is extreeme. The canyon road is shut down and interlodge is in effect unil at least 10:30. Time to head to the "real" office and call the ski report until we can get up....

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