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Taos: Where to stay?

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Thinking of going to Taos around Feb. 5-9 on a guys trip with a total of 4-6 buddies. We'll have a car and don't need luxury accommodations. Would prefer a condo or something with a kitchen so we can eat breakfast in. Slopeside is nice but certainly not necessary. We'd like something relatively inexpensive if that exists. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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You can rent a private room at the snowmansion for a basic rate of $54/night for 2 people and $8/pp after that. You can fit up to 8-10 people in the room as it has a bunch of bunk beds.

The snowmansion is in Arroyo Seco, halfway between the town and the Ski Valley. They also have a kitchen that you share with the rest of the guests.

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Adobe Pines? - Nice place but 10 minutes south of Town of Taos is about a 45 minute drive to the slopes...

For Slopeside - All are fairly nice (by Taos standards) and fairly reasonable considering other resorts - Listed in order of receeding expense and luxury: Edelweiss, Snakedance (I can get you 10% off here if interested), St. Benard, Snow Bear, Kandahar (all have kitchens)...

15 minutes Down Mtn. but on the Shuttle route - Taos Mtn. Inn (kitchens), Columbine Inn,

There are various condos in TSV - Try Wheeler Peak Condos near Kachina - good value but definitely need a 4x4 to get to them...
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