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K2 Pontoons: what bindings?

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Through no fault of my own, received a pair of K2 Pontoon skis w/o bindings as a birthday gift recently. I ski mainly in the Northeast, made first trip West (Alta/'Bird) last March, so powder skis were not high on my list, but not complaining. For those familiar with it: 1.what is your opinion of the ski? is it strictly for deep powder. 2. does it require a particular type of binding?
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1. Haven't skied it, but people like it for lots of soft snow conditions, not just powder.

2. No. You'll want a binding that has brakes wide enough to fit and you'll want a good shop that's familiar with really fat skis to do the mount. I'm not sure if there are jigs available for that size or if they'll have to freehand it. If the latter, then you really need a good shop. I'd say that one of the new Marker line of bindings (Duke, Jester, etc) might be the best since it's a little wider and will pressure the ski closer to the edge. Won't make much difference, though.
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Most people seem to think toons are pow specific. The rap on them is they stink in chop. Here is some additional info.


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They are great in any kind of soft snow so long as it is reasonably consistent. In addition to powder they are great in spring slush & I'd personally use them rather than any conventional ski for that kind of skiing... Last spring I was mostly on Praxis, but I saw more and more Pontoons (tele and alpine) showing up at Alpental in May. You'll have fun anytime the snow gets deeper than a few inches...

To the binding question - you did not specify how much you weigh, sole length, aggressiveness, etc. But the key has been touched on above -- as long as you are shopping you can save yourself some bending hassles by getting a binding where a 130-ish brake is readily available. Any number of Salomon models (STH12 or STH14 are likely good candidates) as well as the Marker Jester or Griffon come to mind. The key to making life easy is to get the wide brake... Otherwise there instructions at TGR for bending narrower brakes (Salomons have the reputation for being easiest to bend) Personally, I'd probably throw a Jester on - but there is noting magic about that choice...
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FYI, I'm 6', 170 lbs of intermediate fury. Thanks very much for the specific information. Already saved me from a wrong binding purchase I was considering.
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Jester, done. You don't need the duke because you won't be touring with that thing. Also the new marker bindings are probably the easiest entry binding ever which is a problem for me with my heads and px 12s.
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The Jester is likely a great choice. But if you have really big feet (and hence need a lower DIN for your weight), consider the Grffon (lower DIN slightly more plasticy Jester variation) rather than the Jester whose lowest DIN setting is 6. If your DIN is gonna be right near the very bottom of the Jester range, you might as well consider the Griffon & save a few bucks as a bonus...

The 132 brake (with either binding) will fit just right on the Pontoon.
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