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Rossi 206cm DH, fast and CHEAP

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This pair is buried in an older thread. 206cm Rossi DH, with the silver/black World Cup plate. This pair has 2003-4 graphics, but were first raced in 2004-5. Used for about a dozen training runs and race runs over each of the next four seasons, at most. One of 3-4 pairs of DH skis of my daughter's. Skied in last spring's US Alpine Nationals at Sugarloaf. Great shape, run fast, turn very well. These were prepped for Rossi race by Graham Lonetto. Full race prep:sidewalls pulled, topsheets rounded, etc. One degree bevel on bases, three on sides. No base burn, and nice structure. Bases are very greasy, loaded with wax. Flouro's always cleaned out after each race run. These are the real deal. No longer FIS compliant, so she can't use them.

$125, shipped.

I've seen pairs that I know don't run as fast advertised for $250-$350. Would be a GREAT ski for a master, or for a J3 or J2 just starting to race DH. The plates will take any FK series Rossi, or similar Look binding.

Pick up north of Boston for $100.





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Having bought some skis and other stuff from Muleski, I will confirm that his stuff is all the real deal and even better than described. This is a great deal for anyone looking for a speed ski either to race or have some early morning fun on
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Thanks for the props, SS.

We've acquired all of this stuff at heavy discount, directly from the companies in most cases. Not need to hold out for the last dollar. I try to do my best to describe it, and be accurate.

These ARE a good pair of skis, despite the low price.

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I also purchased a pair of Radical X's. Very Accurate discription.

Highly recommended
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40> Radius, right?
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The original topsheet marking says "R> 40M", and one of the skis {don't ask me why just one} had a 5 imprinted {almost engraved} over the 0, before either a Nor-Am or at Nationals, by a Rossi tech. I can send pics if needed. I really don't know what the exact radius is. It's pretty surprising how many different sidecuts and actual lengths these Rossi speed skis were built with. She had two that were pretty much identical {SS bought the other pair a while ago}, and two that were quite different. One was probably a 208 {marked 206}, and one had a ton of side cut, and may have been a 205 {again marked as a 206}...more like a SG ski. It's probably all over the place for the men. I can only imagine how many variations have been pressed over the years!

I have never heard of anybody in this country questioning or challenging radius on a ski. My son has two pairs of skis that were skied on the WC, and the radius is marked in Sharpie, with not great penmanship. The issue with this pair is now length, as of this year. Length is pretty easy to check. The mimimum length for a FIS woman's DH is 210, and you get a -5cm tolerance for anything but WC, or "Continental Cup" in this country. That means Nor-Ams. So for a woman, they aren't skiable in Nor-Ams. They are skiable in domestic FIS races below the Nor-Am level, I think. You'd have to check that.

I'm also not exactly sure about standheight. I'm pretty sure that it's fine, and again, it's not often measured or checked. These skis were skied with standheight that was well below the limit a year ago.

The other scenario is that after 5 years on Rossi, she's make a change. If she were still skiing Rossi, she'd probably keep them, as they would be killer skis for easier sets, such as a USSA DH, or a turny FIS.

This is a good pair. Not WC good, but for most, real good.

Hope that helps. Sorry to be long winded. I'd love to see somebody make use of them. I'd hate to see them drilled to the wall in our tuning room as a momento. May come to that!
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Bumping this from the "archives."  I haven't sold these, and have had other things on my mind. These are really a VERY good pair of skis. I've described them above, and as others have mentioned I am honest about what I sell here. In fact the woman who bought all four pairs of my daughter's tech skis last fall just sent me an email to tell me how well they worked for her son. Her coach couldn't believe the condition they were in.


I've had about a half-dozen sets of parents tell me that they wish they had known these were available before buying other speed skis {based on the track record of these, I would have thought they'd buy them and sell theirs! Makes no sense!}


These are a great deal. I'll sell for $100, plus the shipping. The shipping costs have all gone up, as I'm sure most of us know. My guess is that I can ship pretty much anywhere for $35.


You're not going to find a better, faster, easier to ski DH ski than these at close to that price. I'd really like to see somebody put them to good use.


PM me with questions.

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