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Loveland, MLK weekend?

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Does Loveland get busy on MLK weekend? Just a little busy or pretty bad (by CO standard)?

I can see a lot of cheap tickets to Denver right now, for that weekend. And with the Loveland 4-pack deal, I can have a long weekend for almost the same cost as driving to VT and fighting my way through the northeast crowds only to ski ice!

I'm interested in Loveland because it's the shortest drive from Denver and the terrain, though sampled only once, seems good enough for 4 days. Of course the 4-pack deal is just perfect for the duration!

So, I only need to know it doesn't get crazy busy due to the Front Rangers all heading there...
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Loveland is never crowded by Colorado standards. It will have the shortest lift lines anywhere on virtually any day. Have fun!
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I've only spent one day there, but from what I saw/skied and what I've heard from othes, Loveland blows my mind.

Why would one (or half of Denver) drive right by (or under) this gem of a mountain to go to more crowded, tracked out and far more expensive mountains? Do they want a longer drive?

The terrain seemed to be on par with the Summit offerings (albeit a hair smaller), so what gives?

If you couldn't tell by my semi-hijacking questions, I think you'll be fine MLK weekend.
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Why would one (or half of Denver) drive right by (or under) this gem of a mountain to go to more crowded, tracked out and far more expensive mountains? Do they want a longer drive?
I've asked myself that question for years, when I was one of those thousands who drove right by Loveland on my way to Breck, Vail etc. But at least I was thinking...

Maybe for the locals, they do get tired of the limited size of ONE resort? I'm thinking if a Front Ranger buy a season pass, the multi-resort passes are not a whole not more money for a whole lot more terrain. Loveland isn't any part of those deals.

That just my guess. I'm just a New Yorker. What do I know about Colorado skiing?

Oh yeah, thanks for sharing.
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Dont' go to Loveland, its no good. It is always cold, windy, has crappy snow, and there are too many people there. Pass it on.
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MLK isn't too bad, President's Day weekend is a freakin' zoo however.

Oh yeah, and what Harry said, x2.
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Ignore the last two posts; they just want the place to themselves! On a powder day, especially, it's terrific.
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Yeah - even if loveland is colder and windier (which i don't believe) the crowds never approach anything like at breckenridge or copper, even at peak around christmas. You don't have to pay for parking, the lift tickets are half as much... It's hard to find a seat at the lodge though, and the lifts aren't high-speed, but that's what makes it great.
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Hi at nyc--When I lived in Summit County, I had a CO pass and a Loveland pass. Yes, Loveland can be cold and windy (esp. given its altitude) but the snow's almost always dandy and rarely do you have to wait for any lifts. Parking's free, the lodge is simple, and on week days, there's plenty o' room. You ski Loveland because it's just about you, the snow, and your skis or board. I loved it there!

On the rare occasion that the tunnels close, you might have the Denverites rerouting to Loveland or Winter Park. That doesn't happen too often though so I'd bet that Loveland over the holiday weekend would be a wonderful choice. Have a blast!
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And as far as the tunnel closing... There was an early-season dump a couple of years ago. I got to Loveland at 8:30 AM and the tunnel was closed immediately after. No one could get in or out. There was two feet of powder on the hill and maybe 50 people skiing it. I was impressed that Loveland actually ran the lifts, as there was no way they could break even that day, but it was much appreciated! A truly memorable day!
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If you do decide to go to Loveland despite the horrible weather, lack of terrain, and crappy snow conditions- you won't find a crowd on President's weekend either. I got dragged up there last year that weekend and there wasn't a line to be found.

Plus, they charged me $5 for a lunch special! Can you believe it?
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Most people I know that ski, but won't ski loveland say they can't stand the cold and wind. They also buy ski gear at sports authority, wear a one piece and still have rear entry boots. One wax lasts them the season.
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I was just wondering about the tickets I see for sale on Craigslist.. Lot of these were given out for promotions and not used, and are being sold. Question is - are these mostly legit? If I bought tickets from CL I'd have to do it through U.S. mail, I wouldn't be able to pick them up in person.

Anyone tried this and been burned? Or is it usually legit?


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I bet most are legit.

In any city, there'll be a lot of those for sale.
I live in a big city and every year I get a few cheap tickets that way. But not being a local, you're at a disadvantage. A lot of sellers rather sell to locals, cash one hand, ticket the other. No arguements about whether you receive the ticket or not. No bad checks.
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