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Deceptive vacation packages!?

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Every year I go online and click on those best price packages with the cheap price displayed in bold-type... and I never get that rate they advertise!

Just now, for example, I tried Jet Blue's $329 from Long Beach to Salt Lake City (inclues air + 3 nights) and I can't get it... can you?
I am getting $8-900!?

And how does this work... Dallas to Vail (EGE) (air + 3 nights) = $472, when I get $670?:
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No research, just a guess...

...date or day-of-flight restrictions. The lowest prices could very well be only available early season or late season. Chances are, too, that you'll need to fly on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.
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This is very common in the travel industry. There are limited numbers of promo rates meant to tease you into contacting them. I've even worked for companies where we've sent out direct mail pieces advertising cheap rates for things that were already sold out.

It's worth complaining to a supervisor about it if you do call.
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I hate it when airlines don't give you a matrix so you can easily see when the fares/packages are good. I'd call Jet Blue--it will be faster than entering every date under the sun to see when the deal is valid.
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