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Soelden WC Men's Spoiler

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Pretty good race. Svindal looks like he's got some work to do. All the other big names including Raich, Miller, Ligety and Cuche skied well. Both Miller and Ligety looked good enough to win with a break here or there, I'd say nothing to worry about with either of them. Ligety, in particular, looks very comfortable in GS. Other than Albrecht, the winner and again a possible overall candidate, the revelation is Cuche, who again skied better in GS than most expected him to. The Swiss have a nice combination with those two. Don't know if Albrecht can hang over a full season (he came on strong then faded last year) or if Cuche can always ski so strongly in GS, especially once speed races begin and he's got to keep his training geared to that. And he's not getting any younger. Still, impressive start for the Swiss most of all, then for the Americans.
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Being an honorary Norwegian meant some small disappointment that Svindal wasn't in contention for a top spot. On the other hand Kjetil Jansrud's 11 place with the best time of the 2nd run was very encouraging.
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Did he have the best time second run? I was watching with sound off--actually sound on, but two kids running around screaming--and didn't notice. He did ski well, I could see that. Not very deep anymore, that team. Though something tells me Svindal is going to be a factor again.

Other points:
-I'm so impressed with Ligety's GS. Edge angles are astounding
-Did anyone else think that Raich looked a little sluggish? Just being picky
-Where were the Canadians?
-Is it just me, or is Massimo Blardone overrated?
-I thought Christophe Gruber showed impressive form as did Baumann. Is he one to watch (Baumann, I mean)?
-Italian commentators gushing about Thomas Fanara of France, who does look pretty impressive.
-They're also touting Mario Scheiber as a possible overall contender. That looks like a bit of a stretch to me. I think Ligety has a better shot.
-How long has Joel Chenal been on the circuit? He must be 40. Not that there's anything wrong with that.
-Nice job out of Tim Jitloff to get into the top 20.
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