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I saw a rat.....

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A BadRat to be exact!!! Went to Whistler last week and met BadRat. Conditions were good but very cold, -4F on the Peak chair!!!

[img]http://communities.msn.com/_Secure/0SwB0cN0WCn2IiMfRRVfX1sBv9B5nSH7X1o1M5dOnC55NTNb2e lv*vjBLreCDI7pjQcA2XwrJZTU7q1682ZbiUWRa7ulz8mPcjm0 eabX4o4Ux0hlTRdXhsQ/21_18A0.JPG[/img]

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Did you do any hiking there?
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Watch out Sugar, you'll get the poor guy killed when the other guys find out that he spent time with you in person!
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Hey Sugar...you know spotting a wild rat counts just as much as seeing a squirrel :
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I hope you weren't thinking of me!
B.Rat, how was the skiing?

Spot any squirrels?

But seriously...
Did you go over the bask into the bowls? What was the pow like?

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You'r doing better then me S_S. I live in this territory, ski the same mountain and still have yet to hook up with the rat...ah well, one of these days. ya'all have fun now...hear?!
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Wow! A whole, albeit tiny, thread about me!

S_S, since when do I look like a rectangular box with the word "IMAGE" scrawled across it? I must tell you, however, that far worse pictures of me have made their way onto the web.

PinHead, I went hiking in the Golden Ears Park the day after skiing. It's near Maple Ridge, east of Vancouver. We were on snow the whole time. Beautiful!

LisaMarie, is there something I don't know here?

Yeah, Jane! I'm just a wild and crazy rat! Squirrels, BTW, are vermin. How can you compare us?

Zorro, Alas! No powpow for me. I was with a friend who prefers skiing the bumps, so we stayed on that the whole day. Although there was recent and significant snowfall, the Blackcomb side, where we stayed, was well skied out. S_S says that she found some nice waist-deep stuff over on the Whistler side, however.

Ryel, you're currently doing about as well as the Snackster. I skied Crystal Mt. today, S_S was supposed to be there, but I never did find that girl. I had considered joining the gang at Bachelor, but it appeared that those guys were aiming to convene Monday.
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just that you managed to spend time with the w** dream of every guy on this board!
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Rat I think I fixed that pic so you can view it now (hopefully). Sorry about yesterday - the ppl I was with drove all the way up and decided the conditions were questionable so we turned around. I had no real choice in the matter but I too felt the fog was questionable.

How were the conditions?

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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Lisamarie:
just that you managed to spend time with the w** dream of every guy on this board! <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Uhhh... would that include Mr. Lisamarie????
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would that be a web dream? sure. gots to be.

this board's gettin' weird...
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Picture!!! Nice job, S_S. I see it now.

Well, unless you're a big fan of whiteout conditions you didn't miss much. The snow was very nice, but visibility was so bad that on my first run (either GreenBack or Green Valley) I was experiencing vertigo. At one point I stopped to get my bearings and promptly fell over; it just felt like I was stopping whereas I was actually still moving. Unreal! Oh yeah, towards the end of the day it started to drizzle.

Uh, LisaMarie, who cares what the guys here think. Now that my picture has been posted, what do the Lady Bears think about me?

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Never mind what they think of your photo, what are you doing OUTside the Dubh Linn Gate?

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We had just finished drinking all of their beer, which forced them to close down for a bit in order to get some fresh kegs online.

Such a nice day! Why not ski a few runs?

Hey, Dude. How ya doing in London? Do you find the place agreeable?

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London is fine - it's a bit closer to skiing than Belfast, which is good.
The Guinness isn't as good, but for some reason the English girls like the Irish accent [img]smile.gif[/img]

Last season in the Dubh Linn Gate, we introduced the bar staff to a Belfast Car Bomb: Pint of Guinness with a 16yo single malt Powers chaser.

Mmm. Beer.

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