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Dynastar NBT Q's

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I searched the forums and got some answers, but I have a few questions that I couldn't find.

First I currently have a pair of Dynastar Team Couse Comps 176. I like these for their stability and speed, but skiing them honestly feels like work. They are very heavy, and feel kind of lifeless. Also, I ski in PA about 99% of the time. Most seasons, I ski in PA only. This means I'm on ice a lot and have to basically ski (very) hard pack. I would consider myself a good skier. I'll go on any trail, and hit a lot of jumps. I'm not really a park/pipe guy, except for jumps occasionally. I have no plans of hitting any rails. Finally, I'm 5'8" and weigh about 155lbs, +/-5 lbs. Oh, and I do ski backwards and butter a lot (yes, on the course comps )

Now I'm pretty set on a pair of Nothin But Trouble 175s for this season mainly because they are a narrow twin. I read a lot of good things about them. I prefer a narrow ski since we just don't see any powder where I ski.

The questions I have are should I drop to the 165 length? Also I see people like the Trouble Maker, but would the extra width be of any benefit to me? (or would it be a hindrance)?

Also, on any twin, I'm thinking I would need to mount the bindings back at least 1cm if not a little more. Is this actually the case?
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The difference in width is only 3mm - 78 for the NBT and 81 for the TroubleMaker. The NBT inherited the dimensions of the old TroubleMaker (2007 and earlier). The width isn't going to be a big deal one way or the other.

Don't think you'll find too many on Epic who've tried the NBT - people have asked in the past and gotten little response. In my mind the NBT is for late-teens and pipe-rats on a tight budget, while the TM is a more solidly built all-round ski. It can surely do everything the NBT can do, but has a higher speed limit carving the hard stuff, is pretty unflappable in the crud and also give you a bit more float in the soft stuff.

TM FTW! 165cm skis very short though - a lot of fun, but 175cm is the more sensible option. It'll still feel 5cm shorter than those Course Comps.
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