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Boot shopping/ Salomon gun

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Boot shopping. My old boots are Nordica Vertec 85 over 10 years old.

I am 45 years old, 5' 10" and 155 lbs. I am pretty high on the fitness scale from bike racing, b-ball and general weights, fit ball and BOSU training.
My ski level on the 1-9 scale is a 7-8. I don't ski moguls/bumps but everything else so I don't call myself an expert. I can ski steep stuff and powder well. My new skis are the Dynastar Mythic Riders 178 cm that I bought last Spring after demo skiing them and really liking the performance in heavy powder and skied up powder. I would also like another pair of groomer rippers for non powder days.

I have read some of the boot fit tips and advice.
I went to try on boots today and the shop which I think is pretty good went thru the general guidelines listed on this site.

My calves are thin and feet are size 10.5 (27.5). After viewing my bare feet and calves the two people had me try on two Salomon boots the Gun model and impact 9. They steered me toward the gun over the stiffer impact 9 based on my weight.
I told them I was advanced intermediate which may have been under stating it slightly...

The boot felt great and they indicated some shaping around the ankle was needed along with custom insoles if I had the cash.
The one guy joked my old boots were 5 gallon buckets compared to the new ones.

Any other models or brands I should look at based on this input?


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Rob, without seeing your feet i wouldn't even start to suggest models ..all the major brands make boots for narrow and wide feet so it is very much a case of trusting your fitter

beased on what you have told us about your size i am concerned that wht you have tried is too big....did the fitter do a shell check??? if so how much space was there? if not find another fitter!!!!

BTW the impact is not really what is considered a slim fitting
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Thanks for responding. They did a bare foot (no sock) shell check. I am estimating about 1 cm space behind my heel with the foot against the front toe area of the shell. The side of the ankle or lower foot above the heel was a concen where they thought increasing it wider would be needed. They also indicated the arch in my foot was medium height but longer than average. My foot also has leaned in (pronate) toward the inside since I have gotten older.

I may go to another store today and see how they proceed. I am near Boise and think only two of the shops are boot worthy, meaning "ski shop" that will work with me on fit issues if needed. Are their any other foot measurements I can post that would help?

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sounds like the fit is about right, and even better the store is doing its job too.
Also check the shell width vs your foot. you want anywhere from 0-2mm on the sides
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