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1080 Gun with Marker Duke binding

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I have always skied alpine gear and last year decided to buy a pair of Dukes so that when we sled-ski I could skin when needed. I mounted the Dukes on a pair of 174cm 1080 Guns and skied them in very deep snow for three days and could not get them to stay up in the snow.

I thought it was the conditions, which were a bit funky, and what they called "upside down" lighter at about 60 cm deep and heavier snow above it from a storm that had gotten warmer as it came through in the backcountry outside of Golden, BC.

I came home to Colorado and skied them a couple of times on piste in about 16" of new at Loveland and still found them to be both "sinkers" and really squirrelly.

I am trying to determine if the plate design of the Dukes simply sucks the life out of the Guns at 174 cm (too stiff in the middle of the ski with that binding), or if they were mounted in the wrong spot.

Any ideas?
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How much do you weigh?
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I weigh 160 lbs... and am really pretty light on my feet with good balance normally when skiing powder. This set up really felt odd to me.
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I'm a bit surprised nobody else has responded to this thread yet. At 160 pounds the 174cm Gun should be long enough for you in powder. If they are diving I would suspect the mount. Guns have a forward mount point compared to other skis in the 90-99mm waist range. If you are using them mainly for powder I'd move the mount back a couple cm. (Your best bet would be to do a ball-of-foot measurement to determine the ideal mount point instead of using the factory mount point.)

The plate design of the Dukes could be stiffening them up a little but that wouldn't be my first concern about the Dukes. The Dukes have a lot of lift to them. Most people prefer as little lift as possible on their dedicated powder skis. The extra lift makes the skis squirrelly in deep powder. Unless you are intending to do lots of hiking I'd consider mounting something different on these skis.
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I'm 160 lbs, 5'-7" and have 174 cm 1080 guns (thanks $aC) with Naxo NX21s. I mounted them only a few cm back from the recommended point. They are pretty much my first non-racing ski and I ski almost exclusively east coast. So my experience in powder, on powder skis, and with AT bindings are all limited.

I skied them on an epic pow day at Jay Peak with 2+ feet of fresh and they floated really well and I never felt like I had to sit back. That was wearing my tecnica diablos. More recently, I did 10 days at Alta, only difference was garmont G-ride boots, and I *did* feel like I had to sit waay back and I was constantly sinking. Not sure if the boots are a factor or not but I have been considering re-mounting the naxos a few cm further back since I don't ever land fakie.
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