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School me on the boots I bought, please.

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I picked these up from a race coach I had last year, for $25. I'd imagine they've been skied less than 15 or 20 days.

Mainly what confuses me is the "Stance Geometry System." I've never messed with boot canting before. It appears as if the previous owner had set them to his liking...how would one go about figuring it out for themselves?

Another thing I was wondering about them were these-

I sat in the boots for 20 min or so, found them to beginning to be uncomfortable, pulled the liners out, and found these. I popped them out, and they are very comfortable for me, now.

Also picked these up for $10. They appear to have a day or two of skiing on them, at most. Pretty much brand new. I know they're pretty old and barely worth anything, but $10 at a swap isn't half bad...

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$10 for the explode-O-matic Tecnica's was, unfortunately, $10 too much. Do NOT ski them. They will fail catastrophically.
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^ He's not kidding. You should be jumping into a foxhole when you see those.

If you do choose to ski the Dalbellos, see if you can get a heat-reflecting footbed or something. That honking metal block is a bigger heat sink than a set of crampons.
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That Dalbello model was recalled years ago. The concept of the cantable sole was awesome however they had a few instances of the locking bolt coming loose while skiing. This is not a good thing to have happen as you can then tip your knees from side to side but the skis will stay flat and uncontrollable. That boot is also very heavy because of all the things going on under the sole.

The black things in your second photo are merely the boot boards which are pretty much in every boot.

The explosion 10's will probably not explode on you as mentioned above, however they are a very stiff boot and have a tendancy for the shell to crack near the instep area.

You have two pair of very nice bookends or flower pots! Now see a good bootfitter and get yourself some boots to meet your personal needs!
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Ok, thanks!

I'll ski the dalbello's; I don't think I actually ski enough to experience pieces of the adjusters coming out. (it's mn...) I do have a pair of some nordica junior race boot (I'm still in high school) that I bought from a local shop last year when I needed boots for a race practice the next week, that I was never really thrilled with, but, if I experience some epic failure with the dalbellos, I can use them.

Unfortunately, $400 for a good pair of boots is not exactly in my budget; I have a hard enough time trying to scrape together enough money for car insurance and whatnot, and will be even more poor when I go to college next year.
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I always wanted to 'experiment" with the different adjustments you can make with the Dalbello cantable sole boot. If I ever ran across a pair in my size I would be curious enough to buy them (provided I could get them at a low price).I don't see them even coming up on ebay anymore.

As for the Tecnica Explosion 10, do you guys really think this boot is that antiquated now? Granted is a dozen or more years old, but if it fits I think it would perform for the skier. Always wanted a pair of those as well . Hamradio , you hit my nostalgia boot lottery!
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Pssssst! Hamradio, you may have found a buyer!!!

Keep looking, you may find a better pair for alot less than $400! More like $50-150! Check out he ask a boot fitter forum for the FAQ's and read through them. This will help you select the appropriate size and perhaps model closer to your abilities and goals!

good luck! you bettcha
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Originally Posted by hamradio View Post
I'll ski the dalbello's; I don't think I actually ski enough to experience pieces of the adjusters coming out. (it's mn...).

boots failing have NOTHING to do with the price you bought them for, or the number of days that you ski, or the ability (or lack of) that you have.

They fail, = you fall, or worse the bolt open and you fall, but the skis/boots flop around still attached.

if you can't afford car insurance, I hope that is because you spent all your money on YOUR insurance.

seeing a boot fitter means that you get the right boot, the prices are usually the same and a big box (unskilled) store. Boot fitters have stuff on sale too, and usually lots at this time of year.

if you keep buying $20 boots, after about 20 pairs you might find one that fits. (and have spent $400) but you will have lots of book ends.
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The only actual ski shop around here does not really do boot fitting. Keep in mind this is central minnesota, not somewhere completely awesome. I ski because I enjoy it, but also to make winter go by. It seems like half the winter, the ground is bare. It's not something I sink sizable amounts of money into. We have frozen corn fields and lakes. There's not much else to do in winter.

Is it possible to get away from discussing why the boots suck/are going to kill me, and more of how one would go about canting them?
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Kinda difficult to cant the Dalbellos yourself? An allen wrench will lossen the bolts, then stand where the center of your knees line up over the center of your boot toes (more or less, without the proper tools to be more accurate) then tighten the bolts. Tight, very tight. The difficult thing is doing this yourself so have a friend help you.

good luck and be careful to get the bolts very tight! and check them frequently.
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+ blue Loctite as needed.
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