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Aerials Comp

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Have been meaning to mention this for a while but been a bit slack.

Does anyone else think that the the aerials comp was about as exciting and cutting edge as the air taken by 99% of the skiers in the moguls comp.

I have to admit to not being an expert in the finer details but this sport seems to have its roots firmly in and controlled by the same 70's fluro sequinned leopard skin coller one piece powder suit wearers that stifle creativity in the moguls.

I think there needs to be some innovation in the moves that does not involve another twist or flip - Just my opinion though.
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Like what? Any suggestions??

Maybe a sloppy grab that totally interupts the rotations, or a whacky off axis sloppy "Mc" Something. Perhaps something with the name "fish" in it? -Hopefully something that mentions food.
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Hey Yak, yeah that is the sprit something like a stale fish mute indy grab to fakey, maybe a rail tossed in there too.
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Congrats to the Aussies for their Gold Medal in the Free Style Ariel .....

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Don't worry Riccardo, innovation will arrive when the next generation of 90 year old Bogner skins-wearing, Lacroix ski-using, Chanel glass-wearing, Piz Buin oil tanners take over the rules and judging. By which stage the 2018 winner of the moguls will have just stunned the world with the first ever twister-twister-twister-spread-spread manouver, and the aerial boys will be doing 10 twists on BigFoot skis wearing sprayed on latex bodysuits.
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