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help with choosing the right ski

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Hi Guys,

Long time reader, first time poster here.

Here’s my situation:

I currently own the following:

Volkl S2 Unlimited 170cm
Marker Motion LT bindings

My Body type is as follows:

athletic build

My skiing is as follows:

Love powder, still need something that can work on groomers as my fiancée doesn’t like the powder all that much. So basically 25% of the time I’ll be skiing on groomers with her.

I purchased the volkls a few years ago when I was back east skiing at Blue Mountain and Tremblant (hard packed, machine groomed etc).

Last year I moved out to Calgary and have been lucky enough to own seasons passes for Sunshine Village, Fernie and Lake Louise. I used my old skis last year and they were a disaster on powder. I felt completely out of control (considering I had a 68 waist). This year I want to get something that will be much better on powder and still be decent on the groomers.

I’d say I’m an intermediate to advanced skier. I can get down pretty much anything aside from the really steep double blacks out west. In the east I could get down anything.

I’ve been going to ski shops around town and I’m finding it very confusing to figure out what to get. I keep getting completely opposite opinions on pretty much everything. I’m hoping I can get some ideas here.

So far two skis that I’ve been consider are either of these:

K2 Apache Outlaw Alpine Ski w/ Marker Piston M1 12 Binding 174cm

Or the

'09 Volkl Mantra Freeride/Powder Skis 177cm

I considered the apaches because they are currently on sale at backcountry outlet for pretty damn cheap. The Volkl I’m considering because I keep hearing really good things and 2 of the 4 stores I visited recommended them.

Here’s where my issues arise. I keep hearing a lot of conflicting advice. A couple of the stores I went to said that I shouldn’t touch anything above a 80 waist as it’ll be way too hard to handle on the groomers. And the other two I visited said that with the Mantra’s 96 waist I’ll still be able to ride pretty hard on the groomers.

I don’t want to buy a ski that is too hard for me to handle, and the reviews I’ve read of the Mantra say stuff like “intermediates need not apply”.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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Welcome to Epic.

For someone skiing off-piste 75% of the time, on large western mountains, 80mm is too skinny.

If still want to ski hardpack with good carving ability, I'd go with something in the 85mm to 95mm range.

Both skis you mentioned sound good.

The Mantra will be stiffer, with better edge-hold torsional integrity. But, it will demand more in terms of power and technique.

The Outlaw will float more easily, and is more maneuverable. It's a forgiving ski, and a safe bet.

I'd also consider the Snoop Daddy - a great 70/30 (off-piste/groomer) ski. Likely less demanding than the Mantra, but with a bit more spine than the Outlaw.

Good luck.
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Thanks for the reply. Really helps alot.

How would you guys compare the Line Prophet 90s to the 09 Mantra?

Thanks again!
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I own a shop in Calgary. You are welcome to stop in and discuss your requirements.

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Actually I think you may have already stopped in. Good luck with your decision.

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