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New MTB seats

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I was looking at new seats. I have used a lot of different ones.

My current saddle is a Titec, not sure of the model. It came stock on an 04 GF Cake.

I have several WTB seats that I have liked, I use a WTB MTB saddle on my road bike!

I was wondering if anyone had experience with the following:

They look interesting, because at least some attempt is made to fit it to your pelvis. Ischial tuberosity = sit bone
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They are heavy and expensive but many say they are the most comfortable saddle.
I like my old Terry Liberator best.
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Try the Form E3 Titanium. It's ergonomically designed to place the weight on your 'sit bone' rather than the 'wedding tackle', and it's amazingly light at 180 grams. In addition to being comfortable and ultra light, it costs about 1/3 of the price of other high end saddles.

The Bontrager saddle you ask about came as standard on my new carbon fiber road bike, but it was much heavier and far less comfortable than the E3 saddle I was using on my mountain bike, so I picked up another E3 for my road bike.

Here's an article about the E3 saddle in Bicycling magazine.,6...6065-1,00.html
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The E3 looks interesting. I wonder where you can get one for $29.99? has them priced higher.

Is this more of a roadie seat?

I have bent the rails on some seats before...

The seat is for a HiFi Pro. 5 inches travel, XC/Trail MTB.

Oh! Yes I had several of the Terry seats (Liberator? about 15? years ago, the red and black one). They are comfortable. However they also act like a sponge in wet conditions. I warrentied about 3 of them at Performance. They just tore apart to easily. I still have one in my Tupperware storage box of junk.
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The E3 is plenty strong and I've never seen a hint of any bend in the titanium rails. I use it on both my mountain bike (Santa Cruz Blur XC) and my road bike. Take a look on eBay. You can usually find them on there for around $25-35, and I like it better than the any of the saddles I've tried in the $150 and over range. There's a couple of Ti E3's on eBay at the moment. The gel version is heavier, and has CroMo rails instead of titanium. I've never tried it (went straight for the Ti model) and I find it perfectly comfortable.
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Saddles are obviously very personal, but I've sold enough in my day to see what doesn't get returned (the shop had a fantastic saddle return policy).

As a blanket rule I'd say that WTB saddles are a safe bet for MTB's. Fizik Arione's are fantastic too, although some people have reservations about putting them on a mountain bike.

Bontrager and Specialized saddles are a little sketchy. Most shops carry them to fulfill their contractual obligations to Trek and Specialized.

As a general rule, look for either a decent amount of flex in the shell (as opposed the padding) and/or cut-outs underneath.
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