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People can come to a coach gravely lacking the qualities of a great student many posters in this thread have so accurately and eloquently described above, but come to learn, adopt and possess them in time via the association with their mentor. So,,, what makes a great student? Often, a great coach.
I really like this summation, Rick. It resonated with what I know about Benjamin Bloom's theory.

Back in the late Fifties Bloom, a noted learning theorist, worked on a project called the Taxonomy of Educational Objectives, and headed up the committee that published the objectives in the Cognitive domain (1956). The other two domains are called the Psychomotor and Affective (more info).

I see what you summarized, Rick, as being about a person's Affect toward lessons and learning, and ultimately the strength of his/her engagement in the sport of skiing. Body, Mind, and Spirit.
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Further to the comments by nolo and Bob Heishman on positive imaging: the conventional wisdom in baseball is that when a (good) pitching coach walks out to the mound to talk to the pitcher, he will never say "don't throw a curve ball", because it will imprint the image of a curve ball in the pitcher's head.
Probably this thought fits better in the "instructor" thread rather than this one....
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