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Any Snow Kiters?

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I have been scouting spots in southern Vermont and New Jersey.

There is a place in Manchester vt and also one at Lake Somerset. Anyone out there willing to scout places to kiteboard?

This sport is still fumbling around in it's infancy but I beilive it will emerge as the extream and safe sport of the future.

Am I Alone? are there any other Snow Kiters out there?

Sick Snow Kite Vids:

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There is a commercial snow kiting business on Lake Dillon in the wintertime. There seems to be a select crowd doing it up in Summit County.
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Is there still a Lake Dillon? Last I saw it was more like Dillon Puddle.
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It's owned by the City and County of Denver. It's their water supply. There was a big stink this summer when they closed the dam road without telling Summit County emergency officials until after they did it.

Still summer fun on Dillon. http://www.dillonyachtclub.com/
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