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prophet 100 mounting

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I've searched TGR forums and this one and can't get a good answer...Anyone have good advice on mounting position with Line Prophet 100 (186)? 6'2" tall, 185 lbs and I don't ride switch or parks hardly at all. I'm guessing on the mark is the route to take, but have heard so much about what a difference mounting position makes and want to get it right without playing with it. Thanks for any thoughts....
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There are many threads here about mounting position and there is or roday will be research posted at the top of the "ask the boot guys section". Suggest you read them and the research for a full understanding of binding position. It is not so simple as on the mark.

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Simple answer - I'm 6'2" 190 lbs with 186 Prophet 100s and don't ride parks either. Just mount them on the line and they'll work great.
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I Agree.

I'm 6ft, 175lbs

My 186 P-100s drilled on the line,

ride just right!
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Thanks for these good thoughts. Just got done reading the binding mounting info suggested by Lou that I hadn't come across before on this site.
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