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Park City Changes

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I got this from the "Locals" e-mails from Park City today. Its almost as it they are members of epicski.com!

PS - Lets not argue over this!


This e-mail brings you news from Park City Mountain Resort. We plan to send you periodic e-mail updates throughout the season and hope you'll find them helpful.

If you join us at the mountain this weekend, we hope you'll notice our new safety signs, snowboard click-in areas, click-in benches and roving instructors who will share rules of the road with newcomers to snow sports. These new activities are in response to your suggestions and will be followed up by more rider/skier education programs at Park City Mountain Resort.

Also new, the Resort is testing a program based on other requests from season pass holders. Effective this Saturday, Jan. 12, and until further notice, we will dedicate four trails at the Resort exclusively to skiers, and four trails exclusively to riders. We plan to rotate these ski-only and ride-only trails at various points in the future, so that no guest is prevented from using a trail indefinitely.

Please let us know next week if the format worked for you over the weekend. We welcome your suggestions on how to improve the program and as to whether it should be continued.

The ski-only trails are:
Seldom Seen, Assessment, Glory Hole, Red Fox

The snowboard only trails are:
Climax, Powder Keg, Fool's Gold, Comstock

Thanks for trying this out and giving us your insights. If it works for our guests, we will keep it going or change it as needed. Also, please be sure to let us know if your e-mail address changes, as future alerts will be going out to guests primarily via e-mail.

Happy New Year!
Your friends at Park City Mountain Resort.
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sounds to me like a good step forward on the safety instruction, and a good idea on the segregated slopes. It's sure to generate controversy, but what significant and helpful change ever did NOT generate controversy?

I applaud Park City's efforts, and am eager to hear about how well it works.
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That's pretty cool stuff. Improved safety signs and on-hill roaming instructors is nearly guaranteeing improved safety for all guests. Hopefully folks will realize what a committement that is from the mountain management (ski instructors do cost a _little_ money).

Segregated slopes should be interesting, and I hope we get a report back on how this worked out. Unfortunately, at my local hill, if you take 4 trails for skiers and 4 trails for boarders, you don't have any trails left. [img]smile.gif[/img]

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I also liked the lifts at Brighton. As you go up, they have the 7 Skier/Boarder rules of conduct on the lift pole that holds up the cable and chairs. One on each pole. When I skiied in Utah this year, it seemed that most people paid attention to what they were doing.
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As a Park City season Pass holder I applude these changes.This shows that someone out there is listening and is at least making an effort. I like the roving instrutors idea I have often said that a snowboader would never listen to what an older skier had to say , However advice and comments coming from a snowboard instrutor may hit home with some of the riders.Rotating the skiers only riders only trails is agood idea.and from the list that was here it won't deprive anyone.Glory Hole and Fools Gold are next to each other.Powder Keg is the only run that I will miss,but what the hell Lets give it a try and see what happens.
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The runs must be much better controled then I am used to because it takes me several trips to a resort before I learn which runs are what and the different ways around the mountain. I wonder how well this will work in the real world.
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Excellent step. Rotating the skier-only and boarder-only runs over the season adds more fairness. Granted not for someone who makes a weekend trip, but overall it does.

Last weekend at Okemo I enjoyed the two "skier-only" trails: one black "classic New England trail" Defiance, and one blue "Jolly Green Giant". But I thought it a bit unfair that nowhere on the trail maps, lift line boards, nor anywhere else do they tell you these trails are skier-only, until you get to the roped-off sideways entry of the actual trail. If I were a boarder I might reasonably get a bit honked-off about that. Hope Park City is clear about it up front (and down below). Plus despite what the locals say, I didn't see anything inherent about either trail's topography that made it unsuitable for boarding compared to most other trails there - they were just nice trails. So swap them out sometimes to the "other side".

The benches and dedicated click-in areas should be a big help. Me, I'd like a dedicated "skier futzing with his boots and blowing his nose one last time" area

And the roving instructors are a super idea. Let's hope this concept spreads!
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I wonder how many people will listen to a roving ski instructor.
Seems like Ski Patrol should be the ones who can explain the rules of the road.
This will be a interesting test for PCMR.And i wonder if they are going to post( at the lifts) what runs are for each type of snow lover.
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I'm glad to see PCMR doing something constructive, but they've got lots of "issues" this year:

<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR> Resort Town Becomes No-Park City
Saturday, January 12, 2002


PARK CITY -- Visitors here Friday probably didn't see the humor of a city with this name having virtually no place left to park.
A combination of Olympic preparations and the Sundance Film Festival resulted in people circling the narrow streets looking for anyplace -- legal or not -- to leave their cars. Hundreds of skiers were turned away from Park City Mountain Resort because its lots were full.
"We've been looking for a parking space for 30 minutes," said an exasperated Eileen Hardy of Challis, Idaho, as she paused to unload family members in an illegal spot. "We drove around and around."
The problem may be resolved -- at least partially -- beginning today, when Park City Mountain Resort skiers will be able to park at the new Olympic park-and-ride lot on U.S. Highway 40 and ride a shuttle bus to the lifts.
"Our purpose is to transport day visitors to our resort so they don't say: 'I'm going to The Canyons because I can't park in Park City,' " said Michelle Palmer, communications manager for the resort.
Free buses will run from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. between the Olympic lot and the resort. During peak hours they are expected to be running once every 10 or 15 minutes. The resort will continue to operate the system until late January, when it will be taken over by the Salt Lake Organizing Committee.
A similar but greatly expanded system will be used during the Olympics to shuttle visitors into Old Town and to sporting events at Park City Mountain Resort and Deer Valley. Most city roads will remain open during the Games, but there will be almost no place to park legally unless you live there or are shopping at a business that has reserved spaces.
To get to the parking lot from the Salt Lake City area, go east on Interstate 80 and continue past Kimball Junction to Exit 148, which connects to eastbound U.S. Highway 40. Then take Exit 2 -- the Silver Summit exit -- and follow the purple Olympic signs to the parking area. From there it is only about a 10-minute bus ride to the resort.
Parking is always a problem during the film festival, but this year is even more challenging because two-thirds of the Park City Mountain Resort's 1,700 parking spaces were temporarily closed this week. The lots are being converted into a small city of trailers and tents that will be used by Olympic organizers.
Although closure of these parking lots has been part of Olympic plans for months, Palmer said resort officials had not anticipated losing so many spaces so early.
That left them scrambling this week to get the shuttle system from U.S. 40 operating as soon as possible. Meanwhile, they were turning away hundreds of skiers who couldn't find a parking place.
"It was a pretty grim scene out there today," Palmer said.
The 500-car lot remaining in front of the resort filled before 10 a.m. Friday. Parking attendants could only shrug their shoulders when asked where else they might leave their car.
"Sure it's worse than normal," said Myles Rademan, public affairs director for the city. "You have the confluence of Sundance, losing a lot of parking for the Olympics, and good weather so people want to go skiing."
He predicted things will be sorted out in a day or two as the resort starts its shuttle and people learn to deal with the new situation.
"What would help is a smile," said Hardy, the visitor from Idaho who couldn't find a parking space. "My biggest complaint is they don't have courteous people telling you where you can park."


I'm really not sure why management is so suprised, they've had info posted on their web site all year about losing most of their parking about this time. Still, it's a little strange that as a season pass holder I've yet to recieve any informtaion on any of this!

Oh well, I guess they just are trying to scare everyone away so I can have the slopes to myself this year...
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by AltaSkier:
The ski-only trails are:
Seldom Seen, Assessment, Glory Hole, Red Fox

Hmmm, Glory Hole.
What an unfortunate name.
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Actually there are Glory Holes at many places in Utah. Who says Mormons are uptight! :
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Just for the record Glory Hole is an old mining term.Many of the runs at Park City are named after the old Silver Mines that once dotted the Mountains, or in the case of Glory Hole after a part of the mine shaft.There are now some signs on the Mountain that point out some of the old mine ruins and give you a bit of Park City History.
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I saw the signs today; Glory hole was rotated to boarders, but whatever, its a nasty, steep black bump run most times. The signs were great; advising that downhill skiers/riders have right of way, etc. Also, "Riders please sit to the side of trails," and the "clip in areas for boarders" away from the lift exit areas. I wondered if it would piss boarders off but who really cares, its the rules. Saw lots of racers practicing today, there's a huge half stadium built at the base out of scaffolding and the entire parking lot is full of tent like temporary buildings. Olympics are getting close..can feel it in the air. Sundance is in full swing and the town's a madhouse, but the hill's great now that the Christmas crowds are gone. There is parking in the underground structure, and it did'nt fill up today.'Course it is Monday.. it was another great blue bird day today but I think the best plan is the Cottonwood Canyons 'till the Olympics are gone.. weatherman says three storms are lined up, all this bluebird stuffis pretty swell but it's getting old.

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