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07/08 Salomon Rocker (192cm):

06/07 Dynastar Speed Course 67 (178cm)

yes. these are both my auctions. and yes. the prices i quote in the thread title are not the ones that show up on ebay. WHY? because i haven't shown you how to use's 25% cashback yet. when all is said and done, everybody wins.

so, for those of you who don't know, is microsoft's new search engine. and, in an attempt to gain market share, they have this gimmick where you buy things from certain online stores at full price, and then, after a processing period, gives you a % of your purchase back.

so, right now, if you purchase a BUY-IT-NOW item on ebay and pay with PAYPAL (MUST be buy-it-now and you MUST pay with paypal), you will get 25% off your purchase (up to $200 total cashback). you will pay the full price up front, but then the discount will be applied to your account later. this is TOTALLY legit. check around. this is really not that new or even that big of a secret.

so how do you do it? search for some product. ANYTHING. and, just like google, shopping results for that item found on online stores will usually appear at the very top of the search results. try searching for a few different items, and sooner or later, you will see a shopping link for that item on ebay. and next to that link, it will say "live search cashback," and it will then tell you the % off that you will get back using paypal (currently it is 25%). click that link to activate an ebay window with the eligible 25% discount. then, you can just shop around ebay like normal, and anything you purchase with buy-it-now and pay for with paypal will give you 25% cashback. follow through with the buy-it-now purchase, and it will tell you how much you are going to save through commit to buy and you will get a message in your ebay account with a link asking you to register a account so that you can get your cashback. it will take a few weeks, but i GUARANTEE that you can easily find others who will attest to the legitimacy of this.

if you have any more questions, then just let me know. thanks.