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Best ski to get for an intermediate?

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I owned a pair of Fischer RX6 170cm skis for a few years before the topsheet started delaminating. Fischer replaced them with a brand-new pair of Pure Heat skis. From the reviews online, these seem like a very solid intermediate/advanced ski; however, I spoke with the ski shop that handled the warranty exchange and they told me that if I preferred, I could trade these skis in for another pair of equivalent price. Since I have the original bindings from the RX6 (Railflex 2) I will use these on the new pair.

I am located in the northeast and enjoy skiing up in Maine and New Hampshire. Conditions are generally groomed snow or a few inches of powder if I get lucky enough to make it up after a snowstorm. I much prefer straight runs and avoid moguls when possible.

Since my skiing ability has improved since I first got the RX6, and I have the opportunity to exchange the Pure Heat for an equivalent model (~$700 range), are there any other skis I should consider? I'm looking for something a bit more advanced to ski on and will likely bump the length up to a 175 or 180.
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One that came to mind is the Volkl 10ft.

There are quite a few threads on that ski. Just do a search. Here is one that just got started:
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well, if you liked the rx6 you'll probably like the rx8, it's similar, but with more sidecut and a sheet of metal in it, so it's a bit stiffer. i think they call it the rx8 fire this year. also check out their progressor lineup.
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Hmm. Both the volkl skis and the RX8 seem to be highly recommended. I don't know if the store has the RX8 in stock, but will see if I can exchange for those. If I was to go with a different brand (e.g. volkl) would it be possible to use the railflex bindings on that brand?
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The Volkl AC50 (current model) in 177cm

would do just fine or even an older AC4 or 40. I used to ski race
skis for years but now swear by these although other brands
make similar dimentioned skis which handle similar. They can bust crud do gentle moguls and are about as stable as a race ski on groomed or icy conditions. They do handle better with a top end race orientated boot in my opinion.
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you would be able to mount the railflex plates on any ski that is sold flat. most of the volkls and a lot of other skis these days are system skis, which means you have to use the binding they were designed for.
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Stop by the shop, see what they have in stock and tell us what your options are. There are lots of skis that are sold flat that would work great with your bindings and should cost less than $700 (Solomon Tornado or Fury, for example).

Depending on what the shop has in stock, you may be better off setting the railflex 2 bindings aside and purchasing a "system" ski that already includes bindings.
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