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Help! Bindings for Head IM78 - MOJO 12, FF PRO 12 or RFD 12

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What do you think will be the better bindings for Head IM78 skis. I plan to use it as take everywhere all around pair. Carving, off piste , bumps, trees, etc. Here are the three candidates with specs:

Head MOJO 12 (default)
Stand height: 21 mm
DIN: 3.5-12
LD Toe with TRP System, Full Diagonal, ABS - Anti Blocking System, LD Heel, Wide brake (97 mm), Dura Coating

Stand height: 21 mm
LD Toe with TRP System, Full Diagonal, ABS - Anti Blocking, System, Freeflex Pro, LD Heel, Chrome Coating

Head RFD 12
Stand height: 35 mm
DIN: 3.5-12
SL HEAD Toe with TRP System, Full Diagonal, ABS - Anti Blocking, System, Speedrail, Double Freeflex, LD Heel, Dura Coating

Big Thanks

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What are you looking at for costs?
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Go with the Mojo 12 or FreeFlex Pro 12. The only difference is the FreeFlex band (which I've never found made a noticeable difference) and the wide brake. The FreeFlex has a 78mm brake, so it should be just wide enough for your iM78s. Go for whatever is cheaper.
I will say that you should avoid the RFD 12, or any other binding with the SL toe. Those toe pieces have always seemed a little less solidly constructed than I'd like (mind you, I've never heard of or seen any problems with them, just my general impression).
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Another take for you Olex; I had a no cost opportunity to make a binding change with a warranty replaced IM 78 this season but stuck with the Mojo 15 from last. All bindings mentioned good choices, they’ll all work fine and they’ll all add to your warranty period. However with your mention of all-round use and unless your style is one where you need to make fore/aft tweaks at will or like to swap skis with a friend who is a boot size bigger or smaller, go with the Mojo. The IM78 is skied best on the deck, mounted center line, is not negatively influenced with a boot sole impeding flex and better skied without the added hardware.
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What's missing here is your weight, level, and skiing style. If you are light, value maximizing flex, say for bumps, no additional stiffness to speak of, the RF. If you want better performance on ice, ski aggressively, are heavier, the FF. IMO skis under mid-80's do not benefit from fixed bindings, you'll get less natural flex, and you lose leverage while carving. YMMV..
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Hi there,

Stuck at work until 10pm

The specs: 37y 6' 180#, advanced skier; I might be wrong, but here is what I think.

Mojo 12 is the most basic bindings that come with iM78; It mounts directly to the ski and good for off piste, bumps and trees; It may not be the best solution for carving and groomed snow; It also has low profile (21mm) and minimal weight;

RailFlex II (RFD 12) are the best technologically built and great for carving and packed snow. This bindings are not so good for bumps (since they do not flex as good) or off piste and trees (since the boot is positioned higher - 35mm); also maximum in weight;

FREEFLEX PRO 12 - is the best compromise IMHO; The bindings are low to the ground (21mm); It is being used by racers, so I won't lose any points in carving (?); Also, FreeFlex will allow better bending and flex in bumps, trees, etc.;

So far we have:

Mojo 12 - 2 point(s)
FreeFlex Pro 12 - 2 point(s)
RFD 12 - 1 point(s)

By "fixed bindings" you've meant Mojo12, right?

Thank you for the input bears!
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Bzzzt. Who said RailFlex doesn't flex as good. Back to start! The whole point of RailFlex (besides adjustability) is to flex naturally with the ski. The rails are mounted with elongated holes to enable flex, and the bindings attach by a single screw - the goal is natural flex and no 'dead spot' under the boot.

The possible negatives with RailFlex are the increased lift (good or bad? you get to decide), and a slight bias against the SL toe (which doesn't seem to be significantly different to the LD toe to me - YMMV).

Personally I have LD12s on my IM78s - pretty much identical to the Mojos. Had one icky boot-out in on-piste carving conditions, but generally I'm happy with that choice.

Just don't want to see you reject RailFlex for the wrong reasons - reject it if you don't want lift, not because you don't think it flexes well.
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Thank you for straightening things out about RailFlex. Like I said in the beginning of the previous reply, I only share my thoughts, not facts. I agree it wouldn’t be right to reject something (like RailFlex) for the wrong reasons.

In your opinion will the Railflex be as good as Mojo or FF in letting the ski bend naturally?
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It looks like best $ could be the tie breaker for you. Nice problem to have. However, do not get caught up in all that marketing overdone ‘bending freely without boot bind’ or ‘better leverage with higher stack’ for carving stuff (including Head speak). Remember, you’re placing a binding on a Monster IM 78. You’ll never carry enough weight, ski fast enough or have a boot sole so big as to negatively impede the flex of that all mountain ski or cause problems with a safe release. Further, you don’t need added stack height or more leverage for this ski. Save that for a true carver. The shovel on this ski is huge tapering to its waist. It takes little to tip over to engage and pulls you quickly into your groomer C’s with a short radius. At 195 I pounded the crap out of the 78 and Mojo 15 for a good part of last season charging hard in every condition. I found the setup great fun and high performance with the Mojo simple, light and predictable releasing me only twice, once fast speed (clipped from behind), once slow in an awkward position (a tip stuck in cement)…both safely . Cheers.
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What about this setup?

Good post. I am looking hard at the head 78 for the same purpose: all mountain skiing.
I'm 5'9, 167 lbs. Looking at the 171cm, probably. Advanced/Expert skier, ski all over fairly fast, Tahoe.
I have Salomon 912's, no lifters. BUT, I also have a pair of Vist World cup air plates (11mm) that I could use. I had the bindings and plates on K2 Crossfires, and they added significant crud stability. Didn't feel like they did much else, and they're heavy. These are solid pieces of aluminum with elastomer underneath and are pretty nifty. Does anyone know how a plate like this compares to railflex or dynastar's fluid, both of which go on all-mountain skis?
So I'm torn. On the one hand, I have them. But are they really going to add anything to this kind of ski, especially as I will be using it off groomers 80% of the time? And they are heavy!
Btw, I'm not going to use them on a "groomer zoomer," this will be my narrowest ski. It's now or never for the plates.
Waddya think??
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