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Junior Boots and Flex Rating

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Does anyone know of a source that looks at skier weight, skill etc. and suggests the appropriate flex rating for junior boots?

I have had anything from a 50 to 100 suggested for my 8 and 10 year old girls (both aggressive racers) who are 80 and 65 lbs.

I will have them flex the boots to try them but it would be good to have a feel as a start - comforting given the kids don't always know what works until they are on their boards.
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good info on flex for anyone, racer, jr or other
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I can't offer authoritative advice but can share our experience with our daughter. Keeping in mind, of course, that everyone is different and develops at different rates and at different times. I'm sure coaches have many different approaches too...

Our J4 daughter skied in flex 60 ('06 Nordica Supercharger Jrs - similar to the Dobermann Team 60) last year and will be sking a flex 65 in the same boot (1 size larger) this year at age 12. She's 5' 3" tall and 95 pounds this year.

Her coach is very adamant about putting racers into boots they can flex so they can drive the boot instead of it driving them. The year before the Nordicas she had a stiffer pair of Salomon race boots.

I noticed a big difference in her skiing last year on the Nordicas. They were clearly softer, but she skied much better. She was on top of her skis, less in the back seat, etc.

Now some if it could clearly be another year under the belt, some more growth, more aggressive, and the like. We'll see how she likes the boots this year and will leave it to her coach to provide feedback on whether she needs something with more oomph.

I was skeptical about going to a softer boot but in our daughter's case it has worked well. Now I figure that there will be plenty of time for her to ski in super-stiff boots later when she has developed more muscle mass and can work them.

Good luck!
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My 2 cents based on some recent and not so recent experience...

Any good boot fitter will tell you that all manufacturer charts for juniors are worthless. A good example is this chart:
Here Head recommends a Raptor 90 flex for any kid skiing this ski. IMHO, other than some really strong kids who skis at the upper of this range, 90 is way too stiff.

My take is to go as soft a race boot as you can, especially with the 8yo. With the older one, only she can tell you what flex she prefers but in general go soft with hers too.

As for flex ratings, don't go by the number on the boot. The actual flex with the same rating can vary quite a bit between brands, models or even sizes of the same model.

Another focus is to make sure the size isn't too big. That can drastically affect the effectiveness of the flex. By too big, it could be either the shells or the liners. You may have to do some mix and match to make things work.

The bottom line is go visit a good boot fitter who handles jr. race equipment. Most clubs have a shop that they work with that can offer you good service and price. If you can't find one, at least have the kids to try on boots before you buy and consult with someone who knows.

Good luck.
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Withlout looking at mtlions link, and knowing that he is extremely knowledgeable(read: trust him), I will say that, while trying boots on a few years ago, the on thing I noted is that an 80 flex in one boot was less flex than a 100 flex in another brand. My unscientific, uneducated researche tells me that dif boot mfgrs have dif standards for flex.

Your jr may have to try some boots on to find the right flex and fit.
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a lot of the time the same manufacturer will have different flexes for the same rating for mens, womens and jr

its been my experience that salomon's 100 flex, for example, would be different between the men, women and kids models...
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Thanks. Good thoughts from everyone. We tried a pair of Lange with a 60 flex for the 10YO (80 lbs) and a 50 flex for the 8YO (66 lbs) and both looked as though they could comfortably flex the boots without too much effort. We went small on size as suggested as well.

We also bought some inexpensive foot beds which helped too. They provided arch support, helped keep weight forward and provided a little more room at the toes from the end.

Now with a little (OK lot) more snow we're ready to go.
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Congrats! Sounds like you're all set.
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