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Cycling Heaven

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I signed up for the Solvang Century in March and have been searching online for information about cycling in the area; given that plenty of pro teams base their camps in the region (roughly santa barbara north to paso robles), there's plenty.

I came across wonderful site put up by a fellow named Kirby James and, impressed with what I saw, wondered where i might put myself for focused and/or leisurely riding for a month or two.

(here's his site: http://www.lkjh.org/bike/index.html)

in the spirit, i guess, of where would you ski for a season, if you could ski anywhwere, where is your cycling heaven?
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Girona, Spain. And since this is HEAVEN we're talking about, I'd be 25 years younger, 35 lbs lighter, and a hell of a lot faster.

If I have to stay in my dotage - no chance of going pro - fall or spring in Provence would be OK.

In my dotage / in my continent -- pretty close to home is fine by me - western Mass (Berkshires or Pioneer Valley) is superb cycling country, I imagine up in VT would not suck either. Twisty mountain roads, long flats in the valleys, nicely spaced towns.
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If pennslyvania could collide with southern utah and have some BC thrown in.

my favorite trail I have ridden so far is a little know trail called the Virgin River Rim a 33 mile point to point above Zion National Park.

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It's like a village in Holland, with windmills!
My mountain bike heaven is Gooseberry Mesa in SW Utah, most fun trail I've ever ridden. Beats everything I've ridden in Moab. Nearby are many great trails. McKenzie River, OR is the most beautiful, Sand Canyon, CO the spookiest, riding thru an ancient Anasazi village, I could feel the spirits.
Downieville, CA is big fun, too. Monarch Crest, CO EPIC!
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