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Originally posted by Masque:
Dave/lessons/trainer/judgment/feedback - what the hell’s your point?

Just because you exist in a cynical money orientated country doesn’t mean everyone else does. there are plenty of schools/teachers/trainers who have sod-all to do with money grubbing thieves that run your resorts.

Lessons are free in the Utopia you're from?

American society even (and especially) at local level, responds to a perceived threat (real or otherwise), by legislation. You’ve resorts with multi-page booklets of laws that tell me what I can or cannot do. There are European resorts that simply say ‘be careful’ both are mad extremes.
The more barriers there are the more people (and I include Dave in this) will test the boundaries and the more some selfish **** will say “We need to stoop this sort of thing” and yea, yet another personal freedom gets ground into the dirt ‘the public interest.
Nice logical leap.
I see no problem with the European model.
You're probably even less qualified to comment on my 'society' (how do you know what my society is?) than you are on my skiing.

Find the balance.

And Sudan stopped executing juveniles! (careful sunbeam!)

Racers are under instruction and evaluation every moment. If you want to use semantics at least be try not to shoot yourself in the arse.

Who you callin pottymouth?
Simply because you fail to recognize a crucial distinction doesn't mean I've missed something semantically.
You misspelled 'ass', and 'orientated' is not a word.
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No, Loke, don't do that, cause that would ruin a perfectly good wall.

The argument seems to have boiled down to:
Some people take 'group lessons'
Some people take 'instruction'
Some people have 'coaches'
and some people ski with 'other skiers'.

For those that don't take formal lessons, some learn things from others and some don't.

What I tried to say on the first page was that the most efficient way of improving was by learning. It seems that this argument was too much for some.
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Ugli - I’ve recovered my share of bodyparts - are you actually following this thread? Not everyone slows down!!! Yeah I screwed up, and I’ll screw up again, but not in the same way. If you’re so perfect the Sun’s shinning out of your arse, remind me not to pass you on your heelside.

Cololi: You illustrate my point perfectly. Great skiers can also be morons! It’s all to do with attitude. Good teams will negotiate with the resort and train on closed pistes or off-season.
Anyone skiing at race speed on a public run is stupid! Part of that is down to the resorts wanting as many people on the hill as possible and the piste patrol not taking a proactive approach to guiding those with more balls than brains onto more suitable runs and those of us who get to intermediate level and stay there! Still getting in the way of those who can and do straightline the blacks!
School/teaching/training whatever you want to call it, makes the hill a safer and more fun place and lets us use it in the way it was intended.
There’s informal talk in some resorts of skiers/boarders having to take a proficiency test before getting a graded lift ticket to use specific runs. I don’t know what the answer is, but I do know I’m sick of sharing snow with people who don’t give a f**k about anyone else.
One trick last year was building a kicker just round a blind bent on a narrow chute through the trees. Thanks arseholes whoever you were.
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Pizza: An ass has four hooves. If you find someone you want to teach you how to ski/ride better - pay him/her for their time/skills. What makes you think this world runs on the ganga standard (might be a better place if it did!)
I may know a lot more and have a perfect right to comment about ‘our’ society than you think
Mea culpa! Apologies for the ‘Bushism’
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Gawd I love my pants.
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Ryan: In private I hope?

By guys, it's been . . . emotional
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That's enough.
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