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WhiteDot Freeride Specs are UP

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Andrew at WhiteDotFreeride just posted specs for the Reedemer: (148-128-138 @190cm)
350mm tip with 80mm tip height, 250mm tail with 50mm tail height "zero-camber rocker" according to WhiteDot.

BASE: ISO highspeed, Graphite infused die cut
DIMS: 148/128/138
CORE: Okume, Poplar Laminate
EDGES: 2mm steel, 360 degree
TOPSHEET: Screen Printed Nylon

Their own designs and material specs, pressed in a little factory somewhere in Europe. First batch of skis are supposed to appear in November for a full season of testing, but not on sale to the general public until next year.

If people ask loud enough, they might make a 200cm Redeemer for next season.

The designer of the Redeemer has a few comments on his ski over at TGR.

I kinda like the shape of the Preacher myself....

P.S. - There are TWO new freeride companies from the U.K. launching (or semi-launching) this year (WhiteDot Freeride Skis and Storm Skis...both headed up by guys named "Andrew". What's the chance of that?
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I'm anxious to see your review on this ski. You usually don't disappoint, with a thorough comprehensive review.
Mostly I hope that your area gets the kind of snow that you can demo them, over and over.
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There will be a couple pairs of WhiteDot skis in Fernie this season if anyone is heading that way....

I will try my best to get my boots on a pair of them this winter....I will have to chase the testers in Chamonix or Verbier or Meribele...but it might be worth it....I will post any info or rides I get....! If anyone else gets a ride on them...let us know....
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Some specs have changed as of July 2009...
Andrew over at White Dot was kind enough to leak me an image with some design specs on the finalized Redeemer design two days ago...

White Dot is hinting at a possible 195cm stiff charger big mountain ski on the test bench for 2011.  It may include a rockered tip and flat tail.  Also rumoured are the prototypes of a rockered park ski and 99mm waisted ski for less-than-powdery days.  We will try to get more definitive info if possible....

My review with pics of White Dot's cambered "Preacher" fat ski and "The One" park & pipe ski can be found here.

(Click image for larger version)

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