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Ever Jump Off a Lift

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Or Fall, or "Fall" [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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I have jumped a couple of times on powder days to snag first tracks. Now that I know that jumping can eject others from the lift I don't do it. Many lifts in the East have low points where a jump has a benign landing.
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But there's an ad from arlsberg beer where Alphand, Kjus and Zurbriggen all ride a chairlift, when suddenly Alphand spots a hut with the Carlsberg logo on it and says :"Last man down pays the beer" and jumps off.
The other two follow suits etc etc

While I find this ad entertaining,to the point that I'm looking for it over the net, I also think it could have a bad influence on some people (wow, Alphand jumped off, cool! Let's do it ourselves)
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Yes, it was fun.

And I've fallen off too. Both incidents were when I was in high school back in the Midwest, where the chairs are only 15 feet or so off the ground.
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No, but my brother did. Result: dislocated shoulder not from the fall but from landing and attempting to ski off. He apparently crossed his tips and ... "ouch".

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do you pull a 180 to point 'em downhill?
Flat landings are bad enough, but uphill landings :
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I used to instruct at a small hill where you could see the top of the chair from the bottom of the hill. There were about 6 chairs of instructors in a row and the people in the first chair jumped, as each chair hit that spot the occupants would jump. I eneded up jumping as well. When we got to the bottom the Ski School Director was waiting for us, he had watched the whole thing. He was pissed to see all his instructors, all wearing the same colored jackets jumping out of chairs. He ended up firing everyone but me, I don't know why I was not fired.
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Hot, one just plan it carefully (but it is never enough);
often, chairlift here, will cross above a little "peak".
In that case, you just select the downhill side (relatively to you)
I have made a habit to look for spots where I can land, just in case of the chair lift brake malfunction...
It happened some years ago (not to me), the chair engine stopped, and the brake failed to stop the rope, at that point, all chairs started to go back down and crash.
Some death and some bad injuries resulted, amongst those who were not quick enough to jump off their chairs...
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Yes; got caught on a chair during a breakdown, so I got tired of waiting and jumped off. Not too high and lots of snow, so it was no problem at all.
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Question... for those who dared to jump off. Did you people remove the skis first or... ?

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Goose, I bet the guy spared you so that you can tell the story and teach the newcomers the "new rules"
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As a crazy teenager I've jumped off a chair into nice deep pow,it was worth it. don't tell my daughter or any of her friends though.
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Quite often, but somehow I don't think a rope tow with nut cracker really counts.

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Goose, I bet the guy spared you so that you can tell the story and teach the newcomers the "new rules
You may be right, I was the old man in college and the rest were high schoolers.
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I fell off a chair once...

The top of the summit chair at Waterville on a beautiful sunny day. Some nice looking young ladies were parked just at the top of the run, and as I turned around to get a better look I must have dipped a ski too low. I dug one tip in and yanked myself off the chair. I'm pretty sure they were impressed. My friend made a point of letting everyone around know I did it, which is was nice.
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I used to jump off one of the triple chairs at Bradford when I was racing in high school. I'd twist around in mid-air to land facing down the hill. That's when I started overcranking my DIN settings. :lol:

Now I do it on powder days only, and only on the chairs at Magic Mountain. There's a spot near the top of the Redline where the chair is about 5" above the ground. The trick is to jump off and fall on your side so that you don't get smacked in the head by the chair, and then move sideways before the next chair arrives so that you can stand up. This lands you right above the crux of the run.

Considering how often the red chair shuts down, I'm always preying that if it ever does while I'm on it, I'll be at that part of the trail, cause you wouldn't have to even jump, just gradually let yourself down.
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Years ago, I was at Killington, and taking a group lesson. We were in the lift queue, with one other person and myself at the head of the line, all ready to hop onto a double chair. When our turn came, we slid out to the pickup point.

Unfortunately, the person behind us in line slipped out too early, and the chair scooped them up, and before the liftie could stop it, it scooped us up as well. So now we had three people on a double chair. Not good. I was sitting on the other guy's lap and so I decided to jump. My buddy (i.e., my original lift partner) also jumped. One of us must have hit the third person on our way down, as we dislodged him as well. All three of us wound up in a big heap. Pretty much everyone in the lift line had fallen over laughing.

Once we finally got to the top, our instructor just looked at us and said "well, we were going to go over such-and-such, but I think a review of how to board a lift might be in order here."

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