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Boot Question -- Feet Angle Outward

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A couple of issues back in Ski magazine there was an advertisement for a new ski boot that allowed your toes/feet to angle outward while the boots stayed parallel (apologies: I forgot to bring the mag into work today and I don't remember the brand/model of the the boot). This makes sense to me: when I stand, my feet and toes angle outward slightly (the opposite of "pigeon-toed"). When I consciously put my feet parallel, I have to work at it -- my stance is less relaxed. I can imagine that over the course of a whole day on the slopes, keeping my feet parallel so that my skis can be parallel would add to overall muscle fatigue. So, should I consider buying these boots, or is this just a gimmick? My current boots are less than two years old, so I wouldn't otherwise be in the market for new boots.

Or, should I just practice parallel standing, as a pre-season exercise?

Third option: don't worry about it and get back to work?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts.
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1) works great for some people This "duck" stance can be caused by tight IT bands, or pronated feet, or Large Q angle. If that boot (nordica) fits you this can be a great option. Also you can mount the bindings on some skis at an angle so that you are in normal boots, but your boots point outwards and the skis are still parallel. For my wife we have done both .

2) odds are some pre season stretching will help. IT bands, quads, hamstrings etc. Also a massage will help, but get a sports based one. More Olga, less Heidi

3) work can wait , this is skiing after all
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Thanks, mntlion.

1. Will that mounting option work with Volkl AC20s?

2. I'll try some stretching, and break the news to Heidi.

3. Yeh, right, what was I thinking?
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1) maybe, is that a bindings "system" anything that has a premounted plate, rail, etc this will not work (yet another good reason for a flat ski)

2) good luck

3) skiing first, then the scotch and whores
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Thanks. I noticed that when I walk or run my toes point straight ahead and my feet are parallel. So apparently the slight "duck" stance is only when I'm standing. Which is more relevant for skiing?

Also, re #3, thanks for helping me keep my priorities straight.
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I think that your standing stance is more important the your walking stance. you dont walk when skiing, and you dont have a heel strick/toe off when skiing.

just my $.02
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