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Okemo during Thanksgiving

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Hello all, I planing a 4 day drip to Okemo this thanksgiving with my 13 year old son who snowboards. I ski.

I expect the place to be pretty empty. Has anyone been there this time of the season?

Would like to hear any comments good or bad.


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Early season in New England (i.e., very limited terrain) + a holiday weekend (i.e., crowds) = dangerous skiing.

Maybe Thanksgiving Day itself (if they're even open?) wouldn't be too bad, but other then that... I wouldn't go near any New England ski area during Thanksgiving break.
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If you do go let us know how it was. We have been thinking about renting a condo up there and inviting a bunch of family for Thanksgiving some year.

I doubt it will be super crowded .. the masses aren;t into skiing until after Christmas. Sure when skiing forst opens you get crowded WROD's, but the nuts who partake in that should have gotten their early season fix by turkey time.
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I skied it last year Tuesday before Thanksgiving and had plans to go again Wednesday. It was incredibly crowded -- I was amazed. I didn't bother going Wednesday (but I had a season pass so I just wrote it off and went again later). Keep in mind that early season conditions last year were remarkably good -- so that might be an outlier.

Thanksgiving day itself would probably be fine though. I'm pretty sure they are open Thanksgiving day.

Hope this helps!
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Ahh, so Kevin is right.

Try Mont Tremblant. They have good snowmaking, cold temps, terrain comparable with Okemo's and Canadian Thanksgiving is before ours. Long ass drive though.
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I've skied the Thanksgiving holiday weekend pretty consistently over the last 10-15 years in New England, and it's pretty crowded just about everywhere. A lot of people have the time off anyway, and are anxious to get out on the slopes for the first time. I don't know of any sure fire way to beat the crowds. Usually the mountains that have the best conditions will also have the most people. Sugarloaf can be a good bet, especially if they have a lot of early season snowfall, which is not all that unusual for them. But it's a long way to go for what's still going to be limited terrain. Last year Stowe had a lot of snow early on, had some great skiing there on the Friday after Thanksgiving, and not terribly crowded. Headed down to Sugarbush on Saturday, which turned out to be a good call, as I was told that Stowe was mobbed, so busy it wasn't worth the trouble. But you can be pretty sure that most places in VT are going to be busy that weekend.
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closed areas

If you want to avoid crowds, find a place that has started to make snow but that hasn't opened yet, and skin up.... if conditions look worth it. I have done it at Stratton a few years ago, at Bromley last year, and had fun while getting in shape. At Stratton, there were a few others doing the same thing, including one of their patrollers. At Bromley, we had the place to ourselves. Stratton was more or less groomed, since they were opening the next day. At Bromley we skied on the whales.
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I work at Okemo and typically we are pretty busy.With only limited terrain and services it just seems crowded.I f I had to pick a day to ski it would be Thanksgiving Day.Weather is always a factor as well.One year we had like a 2 foot dump,We were 100% open and we were slammed!! I am not trying to deter you from skiing Okemo just giving you the facts! It's a fine family mountain but it is still a holiday weekend so expect the crowds.

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I skied Okemo the friday after thanksgiving 2 years ago with my son and had to leave by 12 because it got dangerous with the crowds and icy conditions
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I have given up skiing on the Friday and Saturday after Thanksgiving. Too many people on too little terrain. If you must go, consider Thanksigiving Thursday or Sunday.
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