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obsethed or katana?

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I'm looking on some new skiis for this season.

my wight is around 93 kg and 193 cm tall.

im going to use them as a powder/mountain ski, and some bc.
But the weight on the ski I don't care about.

So what I have looked at is

Völkl Katana 197cm
K2 Obsethed 189

So my question is; what ski should I choose, my biggest consern is that the obsethed is to short?

I've talked to a couple of people in Norway that sells obsethed and they say its a good lenght for me, but i have a feeling that it's too short?

I'm quite an experienced skier from Norway!

Hope someone could help me =)
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OK...in English you are 6' 4" and 205#. Pretty big but not huge.

The Katana and the ObSethed are pretty different. The Katana (especially in a 197) is a LOT of ski and I think would be challenging from a manuverability standpoint. It MIGHT be fine if you ski the soft/deep snow pretty darned fast. Remember this, in deep snow you have to bend the ski to turn it. Even at your size, you will have to ski the 197 Katana pretty fast.

The Sethed is a different animal. It is not super aggressive and has mild tip/tail rocker so it is really manuverable. It would be easier than the 190 Katana and much easier than the 197. Keep in mind that K2's run fairly long for their stated size.

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Have you narrowed your options down to only these? I am roughly the same size as you (inch shorter 10 lbs lighter) I bought scot p4's which are a twin and are a lot softer than the katanas. I considered the seth but they were out of my price range. I have not ski'd them yet but I think they are perfect for my size. If you charge really really hard then get the katana. If you are just a ripper check out the p4 and obsethed.
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I've only skied the Katana in a 183, so take this with a grain of salt, but I found it to be incredibly maneuverable. I'm 5'11", 165lbs. The lack of camber does it, I think. You're a big guy, I doubt you'll have much of a problem controlling this ski.

Your decision should be based on style. If you're more of a charger, go for the Katanas. If you like more smaller turns, etc, go for the obsetheds. I wonder why you're only considering these two skis. Dynastar XXLs in a 194 would be something to think about also.
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thx for the replies!

The main reason that I haved picked obsethed and katana is becauase i get a lot of discount on völkl and k2, and katana and obsethed where the skiis I thought was best for me!

So, yeah im a big guy. But I live in Norway and the main areas I ski is in big mountains (sometimes a LOT of powder, sometimes not)
and forest powder.

So I do take big turns in powder, but allso smaller turns in the forest.

My biggest concern is that the obsethed is too short, but I'm no expert.
Anyway, thx a lot!
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I have a 179 Obsethed and its longer than a 183 Katana, so I'm sure the 189 Obsethed is around a Volkl 195 length in reality.
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I've skied both the Obsethed and the Katana. I'm 182 CM and 73kg. I skied the 183 Katana and it felt just a tad too short. But I also think that the 190 would have felt a tad too long. The float on the Katana is very good though. It is stiffer than the Obsethed. I skied the 189CM Obsethed and it felt long to me. I had a bit more problems handling the K2. But the tip rocker and the length, this ski really moves thru the pow. I prefered the Katana over the K2 but the K2 is more versatile IMO.

I didn't buy either though, I went with the XXL 187, as it hit the sweet spot for me.
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If you get a discount on Volkls, have you considered the Gotamas? They are a great ski that might be better for your needs than a Katana (based on previous poster's opinions of the flex of the Katana & the terrain you'll ski mostly in Norway). Gotamas might be a better choice if you can get your hands on them.
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well, I'm open to other suggestions!!

(As long as it's K2 or Volkl...)

Is the gotama a bether choice than katana ??

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