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Proposal to Atomic via BetaRacer

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Hey guys--what with the slow economy and all I find myself a little short on $$$ and Waaaay long on desire for some sweet Atomic skis. Coincidentally, I see you guys are short a ski racer. Sooo I'm thinking we could do soem tradin' I'll run this little world cup thingy you got comin up in Aspen and you hook me up with say a pair of 10EX's and 9.12's. Why, i'll even throw in the Olympics for free!!! Two events for only a few hundred bucks, now that's a bargain!!!

Now as far a results go, remember: you get what you pay for :

PS. You guys do have a medical policy, right???
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Nice try. Even if Atomic wanted to enter a skier, they would first need to qualify through their national organization.

As to the economy, just look at interest rates now. Take out a bank loan and get the skis you desire. Might as well get that new weekend chalet in Aspen too. Georgie wants you to spend.
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OK, note to self: don't take financial advice from BetaRacer (borrowing money for leisure is a sure road to ruin).

Fortunantly, BetaDude i see that Herrman has lost a bit of wieght and we're the same size now. i'll just wear his suit and nobody will know the difference. Everyone will marvel at 'my' remarkable recovery while wondering what the hell happened to 'my' ability!!! : I' think it'd work, myself...

More seriously though: What is the diff b/t the 9.22 and the Ride 10.20. i'd think the 9.22 would be better off piste (it's wider)but the reviews I've read say it's more a groomer. I wonder if they've tuned it right. Ski mag put the 10.20 as a womens ski : while Peter Keelty prefers it over the 11.20 so I don't know what to think of it. I do know that Ilike the K2 Mod x from last year amd skied it in a 174 even though i'm 6' 170 with no problems. What would be the Atomic equivalent keeping in mind that I do most of my skiing on the groomed and prefer short turns at moderate speeds.

BTW I'd demoing here soon to get the difinitive answer but would like to get some suggestions on what to demo. I still like the 'idea' of the 9.12 but don't expect to be able to demo it and can't afford to but a wall ornament : Thanks!!
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I think we'll see Herman back in the gates sooner than later. He'll need his suit. My prediction is that he'll be on snow training by X-mas, and be race ready for the SLC games. I'm not putting any money on it though.

The Ride 9.22 was always the softer snow ski. Even with the 10ex, the 9.22 was still for off piste, but had the option for on piste too. There is no reason that logic should change. The 9.22 is still wider than the Ride 10.20 and 11.20 at the waist (2mm, woohoo). The 9.22 and 10.20 have the same core, but the 10.20 and 11.20 have Texalium (fibreglass impregnated with aluminum vapor) top skin. This material torsionally stiffens the ski without adding weight. My personal opinions are that the skis are close enough in shape that performance dictates what ski should be used, and not the shape. The 9 is the most forgiving, the 11 has the highest performance. The 10 fits nicely in between. I would suggest you try each if possible, and start at a 180cm. I will be on the 11.20 as my all mountain ski. I had a 'borrowed' 10ex from the demo fleet for all of last season and used it only once, so I will only grab it when the snow gets deeper than 60cm.

For this season my personal equipment list is as follows;

Race 2000 size 27 (Team version of the 10.50)
BetaRace 10.22 198cm Team 2000/01 - Race1018 binding
BetaRace 10.22 193cm Team 2001/02 - Race1018 binding
BetaRace 9.16 180cm Store 00/01 - ESS-Var 1018 binding
BetaRide 11.20 190cm - Race614 Binding

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