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Loveland Nov. 29th or 30th?

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Just got my doc's OK to go back on boards (ACL). Nervous? Who's nervous?! Anyone free to go out either of those days? Should be uncrowded and good conditions. Meet in the cafeteria around 9?
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Too early to tell, but I could probably make it for a few hours in the morning. Will let you know for sure next week.
Btw, Loveland was great fun today.
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Wait, do you really mean November 29/30? I thought you were talking about October 29/30. I'll be out of town on November 29/30.
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what about next Monday?

Is anyone up for skiing on Monday? I am on call on Sunday and off on Monday. What's up, Faisasy? How's the little guy doing?
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Typo! Meant OCTOBER 29th or 30th. 9 AM in the cafeteria next to the ski school desk!
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