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I would say my worst injury todate, was not on downhill skis, but on classic cross-country skis.
Location Northern Czech Republic, on the cc runs.
First time going down the "parachutes" as they call them, and since i was between the legs of my uncle I managed to take us both out, end result was a smashed up nose, and my uncle had my pole sticking out of his thigh, but he was more angry at the fact that i just ruined his new Schlazenger pants.
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15 years, zero serious injuries. some insignificant sprains and one time a really bruised toe, but that was from wearing a boot that was too small two days in a row and skiing hard. Falling on ski's isn't too bad, I boarded for a few seasons and I have to say its alot more painful.
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About 5 years ago, went long on a table top and missed the transition to land. Landed to flat on ice, skis bounced on the ground, when I landed the second time, the back of my head hit the ice hard.

Lead to a nasty concussion, I couldn't remember things for more than 1 or 2 minutes and was throwing up for a week. It left some permanent damage, a knot on the back of my head never went away, my left eye twitches, and my hands shake a little.

last year I cracked some ribs when I booted out and hit a baby tree. Also tore my rotator cuff in a crash during a race. Still working on the recovery from that one, but won't stop me from this season.
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ego bruised--sometimes badly

every year from 1990 til now at least twice a year
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I'm with skier j - fortunately, so far it's been the ego, several times, and severely.

Gave the kids a few real good laughs though, so not all bad, I guess.
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Originally Posted by Sinecure View Post

Way too many to list all the details of each. But here's a start.

Broken thumb in race at Crotched Mtn. in 1981
Torn ACL at Jackson Hole in 1986
Torn other ACL at Flaine in 1987
Bruised hip at Sunday River in 1990
Hurt back at Meribel in 1991 (indirectly connected to hip injury)
Messed up ACL & Cartilage again at Killington in 1994
Separated shoulder at Donner Ski Ranch in 2004
Tore Achilles at Alpine Meadows in 2005
Deep bruise to back/coccyx at Alpine Meadows in 2006

What do I win?

Any arthritis ? How old were you in 1994 when you torn your meniscus ?

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I have been pretty lucky over the years and have had no really serious injuries but I have gotten banged and nicked on occasion.  Here is a list of those I can remember that needed medical attention or should have had medical attention.  LOL


Thumbs - Breaking a thumb or at least hyper extending it is a right of passage for skiers.  I have done both to both thumbs over the years.  Fortunately I have avoided it for the past 20 or so.


Gashed knee -  Skiing bumps a ski popped off, I fell right onto the edge of my freshly tuned ski. Sliced right through my newly issued Seven Springs Safety Ranger Goretex Shell pants.  Felt the blood running down my leg as soon as I stood up.  Went to the infirmary to get stiched up.  Doctor says, no stitches.  I ask why as I just bled through two layers of gauze wrap.  He said he would be happy to stitch me up if I go out to the hill and find the slice of skin I took off.  Talk about a nasty scab!


Sprained knee - You know you are skiing some unskied crud on long skinny 205's and one ski decides to go this way, and the other ski decides to go that way. Happened 5 weeks to the day before leaving for Whistler.  Ortho says cancel trip, I say No Way!!  End result 4 weeks of intensive therapy and rehab and I make the trip with a Donjoy Knee brace courtesy of Seven Springs as I had hurt it while on  duty and they Workman Comped it.


Concussion - this one was earlier in my ski career BH (Before Helmets), I went off a whoopy do snow making mound, lost it in air, landed on my back with my head hitting the hardpack with the back of my head.  All I remember is waking up with my then wife over me asking me if I am OK.  I should have gone to get checked out, but like an idiot I did not.  Was dizzy and had a headache for days but I am still alive!


Broken Rib -  this one happened at Jackson Hole where I wish I could tell you that I hucked Corbets and had a spectacular yard sale, but alas it was flat light on a cat track.


Morton Neuroma -  This is just a highly educated guess that my Morton's Neuroma was caused by too many years of wearing too tight ski boots that mashed my toes together, eventually pinching that nerve between the 2nd and 3rd piggy.


Assorted bumps and bruises, too numerous to remember.


There you have it my skiing related injury list.  But I still have Virgin Knees (never been cut by a Surgeon) after 42 consecutive seasons of skiing like an idiot!


Rick G

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Originally Posted by Winter View Post

Broken collarbone on a cat track. Very warm day, skis grabbed and slammed me into the ground.

Cat Tracks are among the most dangerous parts of any ski mountain.  That is how I broke a rib.  Good skiers mostly use cat tracks as transportation to get to one part of the mountain to the other and usually don't pay much attention to what you are doing as you are just mozying along not paying attention to the trail but instead are thinking of your last run or the next one and you catch an edge, or don't see a dip and down you go, usually pretty hard as you are moving along at a good clip.  Stupid hurts!


Rick G

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Let's see, what I can remember.

Froze my toes, but they got better.

Froze my fingers, but they got better too.

Hurt my knee, but it got better in a few months.

Hurt my other knee; it got better too.

Got a booboo on my head (whacked it with the ski rag dolling back in the days when skis were attached to the legs with leashes)

Knocked myself out somehow (counts as a concussion I guess).

Did a number on my ribs; they got better in a month or two, but the lung took longer.

Did another number on my ribs, but either not as bad, or I'm getting used to it.

Schmucked my thumb.

Hurt my shoulder.

Discomboomerated my other shoulder just when I was finally able to lift the ski-chair safety bar with the originally hurt shoulder.

Damaged my wallet as glasses, goggles and helmet all needed replacing after my last fall, possible concussion. 

Not to mention the odd black eye and bloody nose, here and there.

EDIT: to add How could I forget, broke my wrist - actually got that one x-rayed, casted and everything (after I finished skiing of course)!

Hurt both heels landing too much air in the middle of a very icy and rock-hard half pipe.  Couldn't walk without pain for about two months.

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Having been athletic my entire life, the list of injuries is long, but there are (thankfully) few related to skiing:


1988 Frostbite in my left foot

1997 Torn Rotator Cuff - First day out. Probably would have never happened if I just hit the person who cut me off instead making a heroic effort to miss them. Didn't end my season, but I skied very conservatively that year. My 8 year old rode the lift exclusively on my left side that year.It took roughly 6 months of rehab to return to what passes for normal.

2007 Tweaked my back - felt a small twinge getting out of the car and should never have skied, but then how many powder days do get at Hunter Mountain?

2014 Torn Rotator Cuff (same shoulder) This time in January and I already had a few days under my belt. Must have been a snow snake; I'm just cruising along doing nothing special and all of a sudden, I'm not. Definitely didn't injure it as badly as the last time, but I'm older, don't heal as fast, and it's still not quite right.

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  • Spiral fracture of tibia and fibula when I was 12.  Worst injury of my life so far doing anything.  It took me about 6 months to get back to normal.
  • Whacked my head, like Ghost, with my windmilling ski at about 17.  Blood everywhere.
  • Tweaked my knee at 19, didn't see a doctor and it took about 15-20 years for it to completely go away.
  • Tore a rotator cuff at 50+.  Cat track, running fast, nobody there, looked behind me which made me drift into a ditch.  Dumb, dumb, dumb.


I know there are others, but I don't remember them too well.

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Geeze, old folks talk about stuff like this. Wait....I is an "old folk" at nearly age 75. From the thread listed by Crgildart:

I broke a ski when I hit a tree when I was about 8. WWII skis my dad brought back from Europe.

I separated my breastbone from one side of my ribcage when I was in my mid-20s when some jerk ran into me while I was teaching my daughters to ski and I fell onto his upturned ski edge.

I fractured my skull in 1975 when I ran into a four-person chair that didn't budge.

I got a fracture-dislocation of my right shoulder while at the PSIA National Academy at Snowbird in 1981.

Ruptured my left Achilles tendon the Saturday after Thanksgiving, my third day of skiing for the season, in 1995. No more skiing until the next November, and it was the best snow year we'd had in a decade.

The last three all included a sledride. I kind of liked the middle ride because my humerus being located somewhere near my spine made it impossible for me to lie down, so the patroller enlisted a really cute blonde colleague to sit in the back of the sled and hold me upright while he hauled both of us down to the truck that took me to the medical center. She made the lumps and bumps easier to handle.

Of course, that was six years ago. Since then I added


In December 2011 when run down by another skier. And last spring I tweaked my left MCL, so after a few days of rest I skied the rest of the season with a brace.
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Took out.

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Landed a pole flip only at 3/4ths on rock hard refrozen.  I skied for about another hour and went home.  My back was so jacked up I could hardly walk the next day.  I don't remember exactly what was ruptured back there but it put me out of the USSA Freestyle divisional end of season meet.  I wasn't good enough to qualify for nationals anyway, but still sucked that I couldn't try.


Cracked ribs landing a jump at the very end of 2010-2011 season. Didn't even fall, but just felt like I had been shot when I compressed soaking up the hard landing.  Skied another couple runs.  Really started to hurt on the drive home.  Had to sleep on the other side for 6 weeks.


Fell awkwardly and landed on my tip in the EXACT same side FIRST day of 2011-2012, the next season after cracking a rib last day in spring.:hopmad:  Skied  a couple more hours but it hurt.  Had to sleep on the other side again for 6 weeks.  Skied with ribs wrapped most of that season.


All in all been pretty lucky until I got old.  Now I feel like I'm made of paper and glass:(

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Originally Posted by crgildart View Post


All in all been pretty lucky until I got old.  Now I feel like I'm made of paper and glass:(

But at least you're still sexy:D


I actually had a WRV board out on LI.

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A header into a pine tree and came out looking like Frankensteins monster between the stitches and the branch sticking out of the face. That was on New Years Eve, and the date was not impressed.

A broken collar bone off a cornice, that hurt a lot.

A broken ankle from edging into the stub of a broken off bamboo slalom pole. Soaked that cast off.

A broken wrist. That cast made throwing a 360 a lot easier.  That was in the days of plaster and a cast would only last for about 2 weeks of skiing, had them fit to a pole grip.

Some thumbs.

More skis to the head, and more stitches.

The other collar bone in the bumps.

A knee. Are they supposed to bend sideways?

A rack of ribs. Another cat track story. Dropped onto it in very flat light on a powder day, never saw it and folded up like a cheap tent.

There were more than a few bruises strains and sprains too but they don't really count.

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I fell on ice in the parking lot and wrenched my back badly enough that I had to quit early on a powder day. Does that count? (A disclocated shoulder and a meniscus tear too along the way).

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Originally Posted by oldgoat View Post

I fell on ice in the parking lot and wrenched my back badly enough that I had to quit early on a powder day. Does that count? (A disclocated shoulder and a meniscus tear too along the way).

First day back after a 10+ year layoff first thing in the morning after pulling in the lot I pulled a muscle in my back putting my boots on.:o I skied of course but it hurt like hell and took weeks to heal up.  I had forgotten all about that one..:rotflmao:

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Then there was the finger tendon rupture (baseball finger) I had tucking my wind pants into my gaiters (it was a long time ago)--it was a 40 below day at Snowbird. I could show you the finger but it might get me banned. Think Johnny Cash.

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Cut up chin do to a ski leash in the 70's got brakes shortly after that.

Hair line fractures in several vertebrae in the early 90's finished the day skiing and was back on skis a week later against doctors orders, Ah the days when you are young and stupid :nono:, still feel reminders of that one now and then.

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3rd degree AC separation in my right shoulder.  Still haven't gotten it fixed and don't plan to.  Hurt like hell but I still skied the next two days.  Took a fall on my first day of a four day ski trip to Big Sky last year.  Hopefully this years trip is less eventful.  

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Broken fibia  fibula (in my youth almost a half-century ago), strained or broken thumbs (ski straps are no longer used unless on groomers), a fractured shoulder (no big deal since the pain went away after a few years), and hurting knees.  X-rays show nothing, but the knees hurt a lot climbing stairs and get worse every year.

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What's a fibia? Is that a dissimulating shin bone or something?
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Originally Posted by qcanoe View Post

What's a fibia? Is that a dissimulating shin bone or something?

It's when fibula and a tibia are fused.

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luckily minor,

the usual scrapes, stitches, concussions, a few cracked ribs, wrists and thumbs. Broken nose, cheek bones, knee operations and one particularly nasty torn calf muscle from which the legs have never really seemed 100%.

But for the most part have been pretty healthy skiing.  Unlike some of my other sports where injuries forced me to quit.     

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Torn meniscus left knee in 1983 jumping over a bolder and landing waaaaaaay too hard on ice.

Broken fingers of all sorts

Broken hand after being clobbered by drunk frat moron--break occurred post collision. ... wink.gif

Today living with virtually zero meniscus in both knees from aggressive skiing in the 80's.....
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Herniated the L4-5 disc at 40 skiing bumps on OL. No fall, just a big bump that I couldn't absorb; micro-lumbar laminectomy/discectomy.


Torn ACL at 49, jumping off an under 3-foot nothing to backseat attempted recovery (phantom foot). 


My feelers were hurt recently when I realized I've given more positive feedback than I've received.

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Reading this thread is making my injury paranoia go through the roof.  I've had skier's thumb a few times and I was almost knocked unconscious after my head hit solid ice on a fall (thanks for saving my life helmet) but I've never been hospitalized.  I keep having nightmares about it though and I see them getting worse now.

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Originally Posted by Walt View Post

A giant hole in my wallet that becomes enormous by spring. It slowly shrinks over the summer but never really goes away.



This and subluxed peroneal tendon

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One Ugly day in the Cascades, with a foot of crud on top of breakable crust, horizontal rain with gust +30mph, fell and ended up w/ torn medial meniscus/ stretched ACL.  Took me 5 years to where I felt like I should  try skiing again ( last summer skinning) and didn't see much of a problem with the knee!  Been doing a bunch of road biking, been climbing up grades quite a bit which seems to  get the muscles around the knee strong.  The damaged meniscus was removed and don't think my knee EVER will be 100% again but I think I'll be alright next winter.   No cliff jumping, but I never have been much of a jumper anyway/ I prefer to stay on the ground thank you.


I've seen a lot of people w/knee problems over the years but I never had problems after even being in and out of alpine skiing all my life ( started with leather lace boots.)  I had no idea what a pain in the butt knee problems can be!!

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