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Impaled on a tree at high speed - 1975

Lost spleen.
Shattered left elbow (almost amputated - lost socket and ulna - still doesn't fully extend).
Nearly died
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Broken collarbone on a cat track. Very warm day, skis grabbed and slammed me into the ground.
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I can't believe how many injuries are being reported by means of outside sources such as "out of control skiers".
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So, is there some limitation here, like in a season?

Last year was not too good. Swollen knee from hitting a tree tree skiing at Eldora. Dislocated right shoulder at ESA Aspen. Dislocated left shoulder 2 weeks after completing my first ESA at Big Sky.

Previous season tore MCL getting off lift at Breck. And hit a tree and bruised my liver at ESA Aspen.

So, the real question is should I take any of this as a warning? I've not had any previous serious injuries skiing -- a few skiers thumbs, jammed shoulders, and swollen knees, but the past two years have been "interesting."

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Six years ago, traversing across Far West/Union Meadows at Copper. There were 4 of us w/ me being the 3rd in the traverse.

Some reason, my skis hit the rocks that were underneath the snow. They stuck, I flew out of my skis ~ 20 feet. Knocked the wind out of me, so I didn't move for a couple of minutes. Had to take stock on my injuries: I could wiggle my fingers and toes, no back or head pain (I didn't wear a helmet then).

The injury was my right elbow. All soft tissue damage, so non-surgical. Believe me, this is when you wished you broke the bone so it could be repaired!

I now have what the docs are calling "chronic traumtic tennis elbow" that always is achy and then becomes painful with a lot of activity or when it is cold.

Six years later, ibuprofen, ice & compression are still my best friends!

Oh yeah, I bought a helemet the following week.
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I am not hardcore enough then. I never broke a bone nor injuried myself while skiing.
Not even that time that I fell face forward and shattered my glass sunglasses lenses on the tips of my own skis
Unless you count pride. If it is so, then I got tons of injuries...
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Broke my third metacarpel (I think that's the right term) on my left hand.

Bruised all the bones in my knee pretty badly, took about six weeks to heal.

Pretty bad whiplash.

About 10 concussions.

Tore my face open on a not very visible rope some patrollers (I'm assuming) had tied between two trees, still not sure why it was there.

Besides the rope thing, nothing major, and I think that was a freak accident anyways.
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Took a small cliff at high speed. Didn't realize how flat the landing was. Smashed my face to my knee and bit through my lip. Concussion and 10 stiches inside and outside of my top lip
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25 years ago dislocated shoulder at Kirkwood.

7 years ago tore MCL and meniscus at Squaw. Missed two ski seasons.

Tore ACL playing tennis last October. Missed last ski season.
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Hmm lets see here... I pulled a crotch muscle riding the super pipe at hood... couldnt walk without help.

There was a time where I was riding in some trees, took a turn poorly and flew backward straight into a tree. Luckily I had my backpack on. Unluckily 3 beers in my 6 pack exploded and proceeded leak all over me.. poor beers.

Thats about it i think...wow i feel like a pussy
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Might as well join in, even though I have shared this a million times.

Jan-07, I was at Hunter mtn in full regalia, armor speed suit and GS skis, my intentions were to get a gold or platinum in NASTAR and then qualify for the Nationals. Well I did a few runs and the course was horrific...100% ice and rutted like a slot car track. Mission failure. So as not to waste the outfitting I decide to practice my high speed prowess. Took a SuperG/DH style turn at ludicrous speed got launched into the air, landed on some rollers that then compressed me and re-launched me landed, I am guessing, on my ass, in one huge explosion. End results: herniated L5 disk, broken/partially crushed L1 vertebrae, and broken thumb and possibly a torn ligament in the same limb (this one I just learned about last month).....oh and immensely bruised ego. I have back pains every day since then.

I may have also herniated one or more disks in my neck in a different accident, also at Hunter on Racers Edge. Caught an edge, went tumbling at high speeds, broke my carbon pole. Had neck pains for a week, doctor told me last month that I have herniated disks and thats why I have neck pains so often.
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OK I have one I forgot about. This happened day one last season. It was my first day back skiing after about ten years off. I got in shape, I worked out 3-4 times a week with weights, ran stairs, then stretched for about 10 minutes. I was sure I was ready.

So, what happened?

I pulled a muscle in my back PUTTING ON MY BOOTS IN THE PARKING LOT

I was able to shake it off and ski fine for the day, forgot about it until I woke up the next morning
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Tore my right ACL twice (2001 & 2004), meniscus once.
Right thumb back in HS
Pinched nerves in my neck and upper back. Damn those things were painful!

On the bike: torn rotator cuff
Hockey: Lower back disk inflammations (this is my most nagging injury to this day requiring daily PT)

and lost my big toenail at least 4 times
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Ran ski across my shin 20 stiches (Vernon Valley). Fell and fractured my clavicle and knocked myself out(Aspen). While skiing powder got caught in hidden bushes, fractured the articulating surface of my femur, which kept me from skiing for 10 years(Snowbird).
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Head cut from a ski coming off and the LT unwinding to hit me in the back of the head. The binding was not injured. Cuts and bruises all the time, sunburns on the face, legs, arms. Sprained ankles all the time, then we got plastic boots, mangled one Achilles tendon, severed the other one a couple of years later. I had my only broken bone 3 years ago when I was battered by a snow boarder. I learned finally to take the fall but to control it, don't spin sround your axis when falling and land like a ball with your arms and legs tucked in close.
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Broken thumb at Copper, 1983.
Cracked rib at Monarch, 1998.
Tibial plateau fracture/MCL strain/minor lateral meniscus injury at Loveland, March 2008. Only sled ride of all three.
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Seperated Left Shoulder - followed daughter into terrain park...Right shoulder Rotator Cuff tear - years of varoius types of abuse to right arm and then slipped in the parking lot.
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A minimally displaced transverse boot top fracture of the left tibia with the fibula intact at Alpine Meadows Lake Tahoe caused by a hidden tree stump under shallow snow that caught the side of the binding doing around 15-18mph. Doctor said I would probably not have broken it if I was going faster as the slower speed caused more torque. Took 3 months to heal. Spent a night in Truckee hospital next to someone that just had one of his legs amputated! Good thing it was already off as a late night mix up would have sucked!
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1. Broken orbital ridge (left cheek) = Major concussion
2. Four Medial collaterals, both knees
3. Torn cartilage both knees
4. Two third degree seperations both shoulders, one second degee seperation left shoulder which developed into capsulitis. (Never the same)..
5. One angry back....
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Forgot to add my most recent from last year . Torn left calf muscle....
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Originally Posted by crgildart View Post
I pulled a muscle in my back PUTTING ON MY BOOTS IN THE PARKING LOT
This has got to be a winner of some kind. Now, what type of exercises do we need to do to prevent this type of horrid accident?
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going down a double black as a young one at full speed with no idea how to even snowplow. hit some ice, fell on my face and countined down the rest of the trail on my face. took off most of my skin on the left side of my face. had to get a ski graft.

most recenty doing an out of bounds lift line, skied right over a boudry marker...peed blood for a couple of days....
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I stayed relatively harm-free over the years (not through lack of trying mind you). I injured myself in the early 80's by managing to ski off a cliff during a white-out. The bamboo poles were far enough apart that I managed to miss both of them and get that eerie feeling of falling. I braced myself for some sort of landing that I managed to stick (except for losing a ski pole). I skied the remainder of the day without pain but upon arriving in the hotel and removing my ski boots, I fell flat on my face. Later that year I managed to give myself a nasty whack on a bamboo slalom pole when doing some gates - broken goggles and a bloodied nose.

At the snow but not a sking related injury...
Fast forward to 1998 and some pretty terrible conditions. I was skiing with a friend who (and I didn't know this at the time) could drink a fish under the table. We gave up early afternoon due to the conditions and went to a bar and that's about the last I remember for hours... Later the whole apartment decided we'd go out for dinner and went to the bus stop to get to the restaurant. The road was covered in ice and wheel ruts were abound. I slipped and fell and a friend (yes, the same one that I was drinking with earlier) also slipped on the ice. He fell on top of my leg that was straddling a tire rut and (as I later learned), smashed my lower leg just above the ankle. Two plates, a number of screws and a 3 day sabbatical in the local hospital completed that rather forgetful holiday
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race training bone bruise half way down CB's at Park City without skis, ACL tear Right leg, compressed vertebrae (sleding jump)
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Bombing down goosebumps at Sunapee, was going to be the last run of the season, edges were dull, slipped cartwheeled down about 100 feet, broke my clavicle.

If you're going to break a bone they say that's the one to break. In a sling for about 3 weeks, fully healed in 4. Not too bad, at least it was at the end of the season. The next time I was up there I was sure to carve that trail a new face lol
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Broken arm due to youth+speed+stupidity+lift pole.

Broken rib due to my now X-wife a lvl 2 skiier that thinks she's a lvl5. Crossing driectly in front of me before tanking it.
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1. Concussion: Sometime during the '70's
Someone ran over me...can't remember where.

2. Broken nose: 1971
Forgot to "do" on a "woopie-de-do".

3. Broken thumb: Sometime during the '80's
Cartwheeled down "Our Father" at Alpine Meadows, CA. Remember those plastic pole strap things?...there she goes...

4. Broken clavicle: 2002
Similar to Blaise...skied off a drop-off in whiteout conditions onto Mountain Run, a flat road...the bamboo poles didn't extend far enough ...did a complete splatter yard-sale.

5. HUGE leg hematoma: 2003
Attempting hop turns in a steep, heavily wooded area in "firm" conditions at Squaw...leaned-in, lost my balance...my leg hit a tree on the way down. My coach kind'a laughed at my "deer-eyes in headlights" on the way down. It was an ugly bruise.

6. Crashed and burned...three cracked ribs, bruised kidney, complete tear of the ulnar collateral ligament "skier's thumb" and complete tear of all four muscles and tendons of the rotator cuff. I got the "wind knocked out" of me as well: May, 2005
Collided with a race team friend...he won. I had a "bad" summer.

7. Inflammation of the Achilles: 2006-2008
I didn't address a foam liner problem...paid the price. I thought it was going to be chronic, but I finally "healed my heels"!

8. Moderate concussion: May, 2008
I can't remember a thing, but witnesses tell me, my right ski veered off of the salted run (on the flats)...landed on my head...had amnesia and lost a few hours of my life. My doctor's happy that I wear a POC Skull Comp helmet.

9. Various sprains, tears, bruises, and other minor injuries: 1969-2008
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Broke a rib in a tasty tumble at Solitude last winter.
Mess up my knee running a slalom course on the practice slope at MRG.
Put a 4 inch gash in my upper shin on a tree at Smuggler's Notch.

Nothing will match the injured pride of a face plant under the single chair at MRG last season...
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I have never been hurt for more than a few days skiing.

fall all the time buts its a pretty safe sport if you ask me.
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