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We did the same back squat WOD again today with 3/3/3 dead lift added.


I did 165# this time.  This was the most difficult finish I have ever experienced.  Everyone was yelling at me so I couldn't bail.  By the end I was seeing black and white.


The dead lifts were at 275# for me.  I was holding my breath during the lift which almost caused me to black out.  Was able to do 2 plus 1 on the 3rd.


Crushing leg work out. 

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20 rep breathing squats, those are brutal, only attempted it once, I am scared of it :). Surprised you guys did it twice in a week? Usually people only try that once a month since it's vicious on your CNS.


I learned a lot the last 2 weeks being coached, it was awesome. Bunch of firsts/PRs:


- Got first DU’s, only 3 in a row, but motivated me to buy a rope and get better (especially seeing the 2min DU benchmark vid on mainsite, wow)
- Learned one arm KB swings, snatchs, cleans, press/jerk
- 1000m row PR (well first 1000m attempt as well, 3:43.1, my best 500m is 1:43 I think).
- First HSPU’s and did them on the wall
- First ring dips without bands
- 5# overhead press PR
- Kind of fixed kipping technique, got PR


Of course the best part about a CF gym is the atmosphere, good music blasting, people yelling at you, everyone working hard. It's so much better than being surrounded by people staring at you like you are an idiot without a clue on how to train. Also it was so nice having bumper plates, going to miss that. I'm going to petition the university gym here to get a set of bumpers and rings, but I doubt it will happen.


On a sad note I haven't even skiied since Jan 19, although it's been dry the past 3 weeks so haven't missed much. Have to at least get out for a tour next week.

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Log dump:



50 DU’s
10 C2F Push-ups
20 16/24Kg KB Snatches (10l/10r)
5 rounds for time:
Subbed 5 rounds:
200 single unders
8 C2F push-ups
16 KB snatch (12kg)
5 95# Snatch Balances
10 24″ Box jumps
AMRAP in 15 min
Subbed 65lbs snatch balance
10 rounds + 3 SB's
1000m row
For time:
Finish with;
The C-Unit “special b-day” wod
500m OA row
15 OA Burpees
15 OA ring rows
15 OA Kb Swings
2 Rounds
1000m row - 3:43.1
OA WOD - 12:31
5  205/295# DL
5  HSPU’s
5 Rounds for time
Scaled to 265# DL (78% max), HSPUs to abmat
Max Presses
1  1  1  1  1  1  1
2 min max squats (reps)
2 min max row (calories)
2 min max sit-ups (reps)
2 min max ring dips (for reps)
For Reps
69/40/30/24 (black band) - total 163
Learned DU's (got 2 in a row)
5  65/95# Thrusters
BB OHD walk - gym length
AMRAP in 10 min
9 rounds
Back Squats
3 3 3 3 3 3
Finish with 90 sec L-sits combined
L-Sit: 30/20/10/10/5/5/5/5
Death by pull-ups
Pull-ups on the minute
10 rounds (failed 11 @ 4 and 3) - tore callous for first time
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Yikes  That's some serious training.  Good to hear about the progress with DUs.  The vid I like is the one with the progression on how to do them.  It's very helpful.  The other guy showing off is fun to watch though.


I have had some luck with the HSPU.  I seem to have more natural strength in this area than some of the other guys.


I am really thinking about getting my $#!t together for Fran.  My thrusters are weak, so maybe if I can do some technique work I could throw down a time as a benchmark.


Finding recovery to be a problem.  3 days on one off is crushing me.  Last week I did, tue, wed, thurs - rest fri - then sat, ski sunday.  On Monday I was so tired I was bumping into the walls  Sunday was a great day on the hill.

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I hear you about recovery, while I was away for work going to that gym (CF Saskatoon) I did 3 on 1 off for 3 periods in a row (so 9 on 3 off in the 12 days I was away). I actually injured my left hip flexor on the 5x3 squats last week and have still not recovered. It's right at the top of my thigh, I guess at the insertion point at the top of my leg. It's better than it was last week but taking a lot longer to heal than I thought it would.


Fran is next up for me, I wanted to do it last night but I don't think I would've been able to handle the thrusters, so I did a 5km run on the track with the GF instead in 25:00, had to walk a few times, mostly mental I think because I don't enjoy running especially on the track. Might try Fran tonight but if the hip is not having it I might modify it to be push-press/pull-ups. Probably won't have quite the same metabolic suck factor that way though.

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3on1 off is tough to maintain for older folks.Too many aches and pains.

I've been out for 3 1/2 weeks due to a back injury skiing.

We did Fran a few days ago.Everyone PR'd. My youngest son Greg got 4:05,Nick 5:39.

This back thing sucks. I was on track to do some damage to my Fran time as well. It is starting to feel a bit better.but still no moguls.

Anyhow ,keep an eye on the A-blog ,should be a picture coming up.

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I wanted to set a goal of something like 7:30  for Fran.  One of the guys, a firefighter who really goes after it, suggested I just get it done at the prescribed weight and then try to improve from there.  During the next week plus, I intend to improve my thrusters and do Fran for time.


Yesterday we did, press, push/press, push/jerk.  111/333/555.  125# press.  140# push press.  and 135# push/jerk.  We worked from a rack at chest height.  My last set was compromised by fatigue.


A weak link was revealed - wrists.  This is the same problem that I have had with thrusters.  Just have to keep working at it.


Appreciate the help other Crossfitters offer at the gym.  Those guys (and women) are great.


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21-15-9 95# Thrusters/pull-ups


I modified Fran this time by subbing 95# push-press for thrusters because my hip is still sore from any type of squatting motion. Took me 7:50 and was not the same at all as a proper Fran. Push-press is nowhere near the metabolic thrashing that thrusters are, I was more limited by shoulder fatigue and the fact I was doing it in a power cage which I was scared of banging the bar into the top of. Pull-ups were faster than last time I did proper Fran, although I opened up the callus I ripped last week even worse.


Really de-motivating coming back to the university gym after being at a CF affiliate. People curling everywhere, some guy grunting loudly while back squatting 135 on a bosu ball (WTF). Hopefully the hip heals soon so I can get back after it, took last night off and might take tonight off as well.


Lobo sorry to hear about your injury, hope it gets better soon.

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check out satrudays A Blog picture

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link?  not sure what you mean?

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the affiliate blog from the main CF page

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Haha awesome pic, squatting in ski boots, great stability but not much ankle flexibility.








Three rounds for time of:

Run 800 meters

50 back extensions

50 sit-ups


Subbed 40/40 first round then 30/30 last 2 rounds as lower back as in pain


31:30, ugh super slow. My gym has a crappy back extension bench thing that is not rounded on the pad like a GHD machine, and there is nothing for your feet to brace (just calves), anyway,  I have to focus a lot more on glute activation and core stabilization or I fry my lower back on this thing. Excuses Excuses. Slow on the runs too.






135 pounds Clean and Jerk, 30 reps


Subbed 115lbs again. 6:21 - about 40sec lower than 2 weeks ago at the same weight, but this time no bumpers so I couldn't drop it, added a lot of work, plus the 35's are not full diameter plates so I am touching them down on a pair of 45's. I think I can improve on this one a lot, but without bumpers I am scared to attempt reps I might lose half way or something. Still love this wod though.


Tried some light front squats and OHS with just bar, hip is still in pain during that motion and it's been 1.5 weeks, going to have to see a doctor/physio if it doesn't clear up this week.

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150 wall ball shots for time

8:00 min.flat

Starting to get back at it. Skiing full time and Crossfit is a tough row to hoe.

Should be done with the mountain on 4/1.

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Any Crossfitters here in San Francisco? I really wanted to join Lalanne Fitness, but found it to be just too expensive. If there was someone else local, I'd love to get together for some circuits anytime. If not, when things settle down a bit, I'll do some of the workouts others have mentioned and also post a few of my own that I created.


PM me if you're in SF - thanks!

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Check around at different gyms.  I met a guy at the Y who was doing crossfit online.  I was using online demos to learn the lifts and things.  I told him about Albany Crossfit and when I joined he joined too, just by chance.


Many people are aware of Crossfit and many do it on there own.  Doing it with a great coach and other serious athelets is much more enjoyable.  But you can do it online with friends, too.

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Loboski, that is sick.  I hate wall ball.  Frikin thing lands on my head and foot, I am getting better though.  But not 150 better.  That is brutal.  Don't tell Jason.


I have had a slow recovery since hitting the tree.  My bones seem to be almost healed but the other parts are still on again/off again - not in a good way.


I have stopped lifting heavy as in dead lifts and back squats.  I did bench presses at full weight and that was fine.


Today we did a pull up ladder on one minuet.  I got to 12 plus 7.  The guy beside me did 19 plus...  His hands were shredded.  Felt pretty good to be able to bang em out.


I too have backed away from crossfit, allowing 2 days rest before a ski day.  I want to avoid any fatigue related crashes and the like so I am moving skiing to a higher priority over crossfit until the season ends.


Abbey is back on at Crossfit.  She is doing it as her PE requirement at school.

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Shows how much I've been paying attention lately,I didn't know you got hurt. What happened?


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Originally Posted by Paul Jones View Post




Abbey is back on at Crossfit.  She is doing it as her PE requirement at school.



We have a 17 yr.old client(high school senior).She was in PE the other day when they started to teach some exercises. They got to the squat and she called them out on it. Then proceeded to correct them. I wish I was a fly on the wall for that one.

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Hit this tree


Fell back and smashed my thigh and pelvis into the tree.  I was really moving when I hit, but nothing was broken.  Now my reproductive system is gradually healing.  It's been a month.  I have been skiing and crossfitting, but I am very tired and in pain and a little nervous - especially around trees.

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Here's the thread from Patrol




Very close call.





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Flipped tires today.  Yesterday, 16 wind sprints, 40m - 30 second rest.  Hobbling around today.

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Helen today


running still sucks

Did "Christine " yesterday



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10 squat cleans then run 200, 9 squat cleans then run 200, ... all the way down to 1 squat clean then run 200.


This starts off all about lifting, then you begin to realize the running is killing you.


Rx is 155#.  I worked with 95# and it was a really tough workout.  Part of the problem is my back pain.  It limited my capacity to lift heavier.  But 155#, can't see that in my lifetime.


I get a great sense of accomplishment completing a WOD like that.  It doesn't seem possible when you start, but everyone else is doing it so you just keep going - and then you did it.  For me, psychologically impossible without the others.

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I hear you about the back pain.

I had an MRI a few weeks ago.

No herniation,but L-4/5 & L-5/S-1 severe degeneration with some arthritis.

I've been really concentrating on mobilizing the area with foam rolling and general movement.

Seems to be working .

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50 pull ups \

50 Burpees


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21/15/9 - squat clean and ring dips.


I have been in a lot of back pain and squats with weight are the number one aggravator.  I did cleans - floor to shoulder/throat.  It was not an easy workout for me but the squat cleans were brutal.  When the workout was over many went down hard and took quite a while to recover.  The faces are great.


We have been doing 25 knees to elbows a day as extra - I did that.  Torso conditioning.



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Originally Posted by loboskis View Post

50 pull ups \

50 Burpees


Holy $hit


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Originally Posted by loboskis View Post

50 pull ups \

50 Burpees


Wow, nice time, that is fast. I haven't been on Epic lately but have still been following CF on my own at the university gym here (no affiliate) and seeing decent gains (usually PR about 10% each time I repeat a WOD).


I was in Calgary the past week or so and managed to get to an affiliate my friend goes to, worked up to max squat clean of 205lbs (bodyweight) which was a 10# PR then did Cindy and got 12 rounds + pull-ups/8 push-ups (PR is 13 even). The push-ups are still killing me on that WOD, as is pacing, got 5 rounds in 5 min then took 15min to get 7 more. I also got to about day 40 of the burpee challenge before losing it for a week, might restart that since it's a good one.

I really wish there was an affiliate here, the intensity and coaching is such a difference from doing it alone in a globo style gym. Also having bumpers makes olympic lifting a lot easier. Trying to control down a missed snatch/OHS is just brutal.

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