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Garmont Adrenalin shell size

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Greetings! Last year I tried on a pair of 28.5 Garmont Adrenalin and they seemed good. My feet measure in between 28 & 28.5 in length with fairly normal proportions. Everyone says go a little small and I read that 28 & 28.5 were the same shell size so I shopped for anything in those sizes until I 'won' a pair of size 28 with unbaked liner off Ebay yesterday.

Waiting for them to arrive I am reading more and found an email someone posted from Garmont that said the shell changes on the half size. This has me nervous that I may have made a big mistake. My last pair of boots were too big and it was tragic but too small can be equally tragic. If these boots seem too tight when they arrive will I be able to work with them or will they go on the auction block along with last year's boots?

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alas the risks of buying on line

best thing you can do is bite the bullet, take them to a fitter and pay the man to work on them if it is possible, if not then you can get shot of them the same way you got them and have to lay out proper money for a fitted pair

not wanting to say told you so but that is probably what you should have done in the first place

good luck
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Thanks for the input. Last year I went to the shop recommended by local skiers and the fitter/salesperson in that shop set me up with boots that were two sizes too big. After that I went online for my education.

Since then I have have found few in my area who might be considered true boot fitters none of which carry the AT stuff, so it was back online I went.
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Hi mralaska,

There is a list of bootfitters posted here, http://forums.epicski.com/showthread.php?t=72537, find the one closest to you, explain your experiences to him, then go see him. These guy's do know what they are doing.

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Garmont boots: 28/28,5 are the same shell.
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Thank everyone. With the help of the posted link I found a bootfitter in my local area and contacted them for prices and availability of services. I will be setting up an appointment when the boots arrive but I feel better now that I know the boots I ordered are the right shell size.
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