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Need boot recommendation

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6'2, 235lbs, advanced skier. I ski western wa dumps and crud, mostly frontside action and cruising around.

My ankle flexion is borderline freak show quality, knee is about 10" infront of my big toe. I have a high instep/tall arch such that a '07-08 Nordica Speedmachine 10, with a slight instep lifting-heat and stretch. Precision fit liner, std. I also punched out the inside ankles and the mid width of the foot a bit. The foot width is 105mm L,R foot. My ankle width is like 70mm. Use 27.5 shell. Used Sole slim foot bed.

Last year ended up putting 3mm in the boot ramp, and toe lifted the delta angle in the binding 3mm too (Tyrolia FF17 and Mojo- same height offset)

I read up on boot balancing (as a mechanical engineer) and over a few months it has sunk in, remembering last years on the hill issues, where I should be in a boot with much less forward lean, and much stiffer. Basically, when skiiing my knees would shoot forward and lower, crushing the boot, once in this position my quads have to work too hard in the postion- being stuck forward and extending them puts my cg even more forward. Tail washing big time. (This explains skiiing agressive for a short run, and tiring out after a couple of runs) Hopefully the new me will stop my knees from going forward and my quad/waist joint will move more forward and diagonal out of the turn to stay balanced.

Enlightened with this knowledge, I want to test this theory so it manditory I purchase new ski boots this year. Any Boot suggestions????? Thanks.
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if the boots are in good condition i don't think you need to change them quite yet a little work may or may not solve the proble.....lifting the heel was probably the very opposite of what should be done, by doing that you allow the knee to travel forward further before you can tension the achillies if anything i would be dropping the heel slightly 2-3mm dependant on ROM. a stiffer more upright boot may be a definate advantage but the whole thing needs to be assessed in person rather than on line.

have a look here http://forums.epicski.com/showthread.php?t=71804 and find the boot guy nearest you
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