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Yesterday I saw Skimovie 2, and The Flying Circus.
As I sat there knowing that I cant ski this winter because of my kneechirurgy. Then it struck me:
Watching skimovies whitout the opportunity to go skiing is like watching porn whith both your hands broken of and no girlfriend. :
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I can't even relate to your predickament,but I will send you a case of Snow-in-a-Can if you like. :
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Thats got to be the funniest analogy I've ever read! I hope that shows up on a standardize test someday.
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Hilarious. Did you think of that all by your lonesome?
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I feel your pain (somewhat) I'm grounded from the mountains 'till x-mas. But I suppose I deserve it (aren't high schoolers SUPPOSED to have house parties with thier parents out of town?) sheesh. I'm a good kid- really! (I don't even watch porn!)

I have a lake house up in the mountains, and maybe I'll build a park in my yard
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skibunnyK2- Maybe I hvae the wrong person, but Weren't you going to tech at a store in Oregon? If so, did you every get to go to the tech seminar at Timberline?

Also... fess up! Tell your real family here what you got grounded for! We want all the details! (just giving you a hard time, all in jest.) I'm 55 and me and my generation NEVER did stuff like that! Yeah... right!

Wanna see real porn? Watch me screaming down the hill, arms flailing, yelling oh no, oh no, oh no, while SCSA is yelling, "Come on JYD, git that inside ski off the snow, onto the outside ski! Let's see that phantom move! Right now - troop!" :
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SkiBunny, when I was your age I got grounded for having house parties when my folks were away. Its kind of a rite of passage.

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OMG - yes it is a rite of passage. The principal of my HS wrote a letter home to my parents re: a senior sneak day I organized (he got the info from a nerdy informant). Whatever - it's all good. Got it out of my system while I was safe on home turf.

BTW: Love the Skiporn - very funny!

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Yeah, this is the ski techie, well, i haven't started working yet- I really don't know when I will or IF i will, I have like 1,000,000 extracirriculaur activities.

So, I had a house party with lots of quality drinks music, and well, unfortunatly too much quality sex. I mean I'm a good kid, I just had a wild hair, I mean maybe 17 years of opression will make you go buckwild... but thats okay, right? heeheee
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Oh yes, it is a rite of passage. Every class at the High School, I went to had a Senior Cut Day. My class had several, infact our Foreign Exchange was even sent to study hall for cutting school. Do you remember your Senior Aseembly,where the Principle gets up and tell you just how great your class was. Well our Principle told us that we were the worst class to ever attend out High School. We did one thing well, PARTY. [img]tongue.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Glad you liked it.
Grounding in the age of 17? And you just take it? Get real. That would never happen in europe. when your 17 your on your own.
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Oh man, don't talk about being sent to the principal!!! Back in high school, I got sent down because my skirt was too short. So I get to the offfice, and the principal is surrounded with girls in minis, smiling, and having a grand old time.

Must be a skier thing to misbehave in High School! [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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Yeah, I suppose my mountain freinds like to party, there were a lot of boarders there (my school is mostly punk boarders) and mike a few kids I ski with. Just some sweet friends wanting to chill, I mean I party a lot but not MASSIVE get togethers w/ drunk people I don't know-- I don't wanna get assraped by some stranger... High school is pretty sweet, I have a rad posse though... But we're all good kids who are into college and stuff, but hey, I'm just gonn alay low with my parents, the sad thing is, my dad didn't care at all- he was just worried about me taking his liquor- but I have my own... my mom TWEEKED though... but oh well, the worst is, I had a shitty time.. (I hooked up with a SNOWBOARDER!) ack!! heehee
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All my stepdaughters liked the snowboarders. They would blow off training to go to the pipe. That's the way it is. Fun is the most important thing. The kids all turned out great. No matter what mom thought. We've got one Olympic medalist, one middleschool teacher, one waitress in Seattle and one art student in Florence Italy. Every one a great kid and happy. Just do it. It's gonna be OK.
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